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  1. I know maybe it's asking too much of you, but if you are a follower on CGN, can you consider becoming a subscriber on YouTube ? ❤ I'm trying to get to 10,000 subscribers on YouTube which will give me the ability to host fundraisers on videos, open a merch store, and a few other cool things that I can give to supporters like you. ❤ www.youtube.com/techwelove

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  2. @AlexPattyy @h3h3productions I agree Alex. Everyone who is approved by CDC should get vaccinated. I was in the hosp… https://t.co/yLQFSyCPOs

  3. RT @AndrewYang: Time to do the right thing for New York - thank you @iammcjin. Let's go New York City! https://t.co/aJH8sQFZOv https://t.…

  4. @DianaKarebet @IRetweetYourSh1 @TwitterRetweets @Retweets @StreamersRtw Hi Diana. It's because the 4th way is havin… https://t.co/ThJsoaH7tK

  5. My YouTube video shows how past winners were paid through PayPal account, and how I pay for conversion rate, as wel… https://t.co/ySoMqBIuo3

  6. Hi Everyone. ❤️ I hope you are having a good month. There are 28 days left in my $ 60.00 USD May 2021 Give Away. En… https://t.co/QlU17Vx2Dm

  7. @vidIQ A How To fix something video, and a livestream of a tech event that exploded in virality. Turned out the tec… https://t.co/6fXXiXQaMC

  8. @vidIQ @MrBeast Nothing succeeds like success. Momentum which I sorely lack.

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