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  1. @vidIQ @MrBeast Nothing succeeds like success. Momentum which I sorely lack.

  2. NVIDIA Reflex : New Latency Software For Gaming https://t.co/3ghuXWdxNW via @YouTube

    #NVIDIA #Reflex… https://t.co/5m9drRSYXh

  3. @Notanapplefan1 Good luck. Heal well. ♥️

  4. Enter The EVGA April Escapade Social Media Event to win great prizes from @TEAMEVGA & @IntelGaming!… https://t.co/7u13XLsYDv

  5. @ToyMach59970119 Nice upgrade for sure. My bro has the Valve Index as well, and likes it very much. ♥️

  6. Anyone upgrading any time soon ? GPU, CPU, RAM, Monitor, or the whole System ?

  7. Anybody want to live 6 months on the moon ? If they could find a way to weigh me down, so I wouldn't lose that much… https://t.co/AEbuMDxT2M

  8. China + Russia Team Up To Make Moon Base


    #China #Russia #MoonBase #Moon #Base #Space… https://t.co/9O2kwvPYWF

  9. AI Brings Family Photos To Life.


    #AI #Family #FamilyPhoto #FamilyPhotos #Animation… https://t.co/LlzcykaPZZ

  10. @NVIDIAGTC I will be there. ♥️ #NVIDIA

  11. @NVIDIAGTC @nvidia Looking forward to this event. ♥️ #NVIDIA

  12. Apparently giveaways can only be done by Multinational Corporations. I guess everyone should trust Multinational Co… https://t.co/WCwzmEVFqA

  13. That was 2 weeks ago, and Facebook says it is not occurring. So what am I to believe ? Who knows, right ? So, I wil… https://t.co/tdwOMSxD6T

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