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  1. , AVErageResult c5cf03323a6f2b08b724224bbd6587b2

     LIVE on CGN and Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/averageresult In about 30 min

  2. Hey CGN fam 🙋🏾‍♂️


    it's been too long since I've posted on here; took bit of a hiatus from all the social media...


    Not going to lie was feeling rather uninspired/discouraged from all of it, I'm sure everyone can relate! 


    hope everyone is starting their weekend off on a positive note 🌞


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    1. zheck


      Welcome back!
      And glad to see you back!

    2. TCGamerQC


      thank you ✌️ 

  3. TCGamerQC

    2 Kills, One Car

    new video, check it out www.mixer.com/TCGamerQC https://gleam.io/eD6FM/gamer-qcs-500-follower-giveaway << my giveaway for anyone who wants to enter
  4. Good morning all gamers and dreams, time to roll up a L of happiness, then proceed to getting my but kicked in PUBG. See you there


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  5. , CGN f84f679d98c3cc0e6981a07c0a7a35e7

    We're Giving away a Copy of Jump Force!!
    Re-share and Reply below to win!!
    Announcing the Winner on Sunday!


    jump force.png

  6. 👍

    , Grimlockeprime e608126e596df45780edd5fd3c948e64

    HEY LISTEN!! Dinoverse the game today is God of War playing in 10 mins, on Mixer, DLive and to twitter via Periscope


    See you there Dinoverse!!

  7. Hello everyone!!! Hope you're all having a fine day out there 😁

    I have finally announced a schedule for when I will be streaming on Mixer.com!
    🎮 Thursday through Sunday | 9PM (EST) - 1AM (EST) 🎮
    Stop by and chat with me sometime! I love to laugh the worrisome things in life away & Besides the obvious love for gaming, I also enjoy fishing and anything to do with cars!

    I am also doing a GIVEAWAY! To celebrate my goal of reaching 500 Followers on Mixer.com by May 1st! So please come check it out and enter if you'd like to!!!
    The prizes will be as follows:
    1) One person will receive a video game of their choice (up to 65$USD) for any console or PC
    2) One person will receive a T-shirt of their choice from Soesic Clothing Co. 
    3) One person will receive a hat of their choice from Soesic Clothing Co. 
    https://www.soesicclothing.co?rfsn=2162846.00f03c (You can use my Promo Code: TCGAMERQC for 15%off your order)


  8. Thanks for the follow man

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  9. 👌🏾 Hey guys hope everyone had a great day!!! Right now I'm playing Respawn's new Battle Royale game 'Apex Legends' &&  having a blast learning this gameplay with a couple friends. Stop by and say hello on the stream!! https://www.mixer.com/TCGamerQC  👍🏾 OH! and go ahead and download the game for FREE (PC, PS4, XBOX1) and come play with me! 

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  10. 👍

    , Samurai_ON 0f552ee1df3d1328053dcdc0159aea0e

    LIVE at 3pm EST with World of Warcraft at https://www.twitch.tv/samurai_on

  11. Come hang out with me while I play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) 😁👍
    I like to laugh, have a good time, & talk about to drama free things in life!
    Always looking for amazing people to converse with!! You don't have to be alone! 

    1 more follower and I'll have reached my goal of 300!!
    I am so excited and thankful for everyone out there showing their support! thank you!


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  12. , S1lentAkko cfba002636fc4f6ff72639e3826e5e9f

    going live over at https://mixer.com/S1LENT_AKKO with some pc gaming sorry i havent been putting things up but i can now as i have a faster gaming pc so thank you for all understanding

  13. , toxinburn 732356e7abad792a6212187d0bbc99af

    No time to waste jumpoing back into #Anthem Free Play and exploring the world some more! https://twitch.tv/toxinburn @TwitchShare @Small_Streamers @twitchraid @SupStreamers #CGN #StreamersConnected @vetstreamteam @mobilitygaming @CGNpromo #TwitchOSF

  14. Thanks for the follow. I now follow you too. :D

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    1. TCGamerQC


      thank you!!!