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  1. Congratulations! You won the Raven Giveaway for Resident Evil 5! Link has been sent through Discord :)

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  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    LOVE YOU ALL!!! #support

    Don't forget to check out more #videos in my absence! ??☺️??

    Talk soon! ?


  5. What day(s) of the week are you most likely to watch YouTube videos?

    VOTE HERE?✌️>>>


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    2. TAZ


      (This will help me to decide my schedule for videos. ☺️?)

    3. Knownot


      I needa do something similar. My Schedule has been aaaaalll over the place.

    4. TAZ


      Mine too! ?

  6. The cutest pup you ever saw!!?

    ? #pug #pugzu #pongo #instagram #puglife 

  7. Thanks for the follow :D

  8. thanks for the follow!

  9. Tweet tweet! ??

    ? Twitter.com/TAZmariegamer 

    See you there! ☺️✌️

  10. Thanks for the Twitter follow & retweet dude! ✌️✌??

  11. Hope that everyone has an awesome Tuesday!! ✨✨??

  12. Thanks for the follow Tazmarie!!

    1. TAZ



  13. Thanks For The Follow And Welcome To CGN! Enjoy Your Stay :)

    1. TAZ


      Hi there! I joined back in March but thank you for the welcome nevertheless!! ?? Have an awesome day!!

    1. UnseenProof


      Me Personally i love them all but i Prefer My Ps4 lol but id love to have everything one day from Ps1 ps2 atari turbo gfx 16 panasonic 3D0 etc basically from the first system until now i want everything one day.  im tryna be Like This lol  :thumbsup:Image result for every video game system and game ever


    2. TAZ


      That would be sweet!! ??? Right now I have Xbox360, Wii (yes, Wii lol), 3DS, Gameboy Original to Gameboy Micro (lots of game boys lol), Sega and tablets. Used to have way more but the original PlayStation, PS2, some Gameboys, PSP, all previous DS's, other Wii and other Xbox's have bit the dust. :( I guess that I do also have my computers, but they are Macs and nothing to brag about lmao. ? I adore my DS, that might be my fave, and one day want to either mod mine or buy a recording DS! 

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