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  1. What is up CGN fam!? It's been a hot minute, lemme tell ya.

    Black Ops 4 is hot right now, come check out the Fizz Fam over at https://mixer.com/taylor_farrell


  2. Thanks for the follow!

  3. What's up CGN Fam! Just uploaded my third video of my Stream Highlight Series.

    Check it out, and don't forget to subscribe!


  4. It's been awhile since I've posted over here. How's everyone in CGN doing!?

  5. Many thanks for the follow.

  6. Thank you for the Follow @taylor_farrell :D

  7. Thanks for the follow ?

  8. Thank you for the follow <3

    1. taylor_farrell


      No problem!

  9. CGN fam!! It's been awhile.

    Come check me out over on Mixer. Playing WWII with viewers!


  10. What's up everyone, I'm live on Mixer playing WWII. Come check out the new Christmas update! https://mixer.com/taylor_farrell

  11. What's up CGN fam!?

    I'm live now on Mixer celebrating 100 followers!

    Playing some WWII! https://mixer.com/taylor_farrell

  12. Live on https://mixer.com/taylor_farrell

    Playing WWII: Third Prestige & New Update! Come hang!

  13. Hey everyone, I'm live on Mixer playing some WWII, come hang! https://mixer.com/taylor_farrell

  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

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