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  1. I'll be going live fairly soon with some GTA 5 and maybe play something else...we'll see how things go first :P > https://mixer.com/takenvaullt

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  2. Going to be live for a little bit cause why not. Will be playing a little bit of Halo 5 tonight.


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  3. If you guys would like to stop by, I'm currently streaming - https://mixer.com/takenvaullt

    Playing some GTA 5 currently and maybe grind out some Division in a bit

  4. Thanks for the follow :D

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  5. I've been live for a little while now tonight but if you'd like to, I'll be streaming for another little while


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  6. Thanks for the follow and welcome to CGN :D

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    1. GamerAlowe


      cheers bud


  7. Thanks for the follow Brock. Hope you're having a nice day. :D

  8. I will be streaming Metro 2033 on Mixer in a few minutes. If you want to stop by heres the link > mixer.com/takenvaullt

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  9. Good morning everyone.

    Playing any games today/tonight?

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    1. Arrgron


      doing an irl right now my man how have u been

    2. TakenVaullt


      @Arrgron I've been good. Been playing a lot of GTA 5 and  The Division a lot lately myself.

  10. I would not have panicked if I actually thought about it
  11. Thanks for the follow Revelations45 :D

    Hope you're having a great day or night

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  12. Thanks for the follow :D

    I know it's a few days late but haven't logged in in a few days either

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    1. BlueSuedeHaze


      I Was also absent for a few days. It is all good! 


  13. Just an almost five minute montage video with a mix of Swat and Super Fiesta. Hope you enjoy the video. Links: Twitch - www.twitch.tv/takenvaullt Mixer - https://mixer.com/takenvaullt Deviantart - takendreams90.deviantart.com/ Player.me - https://player.me/takenvaullt YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNIypdzfX2_gf_AHzVb740A Kitsu - https://kitsu.io/users/TakenDreams90
  14. Thanks for the follow :D 

    Hope you're having a great day or night

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  15. To every Jedi, ones who joined the dark side for those delicious edible cookies and to everyone else, may the fourth be with you

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