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Found 215 results

  1. The bros encounter some seriously fat zombies, and an old guy who deserves to be eaten in episode 6 of Resident Evil 6.
  2. The bros totally have no idea all these dead bodies lying around in this game are gonna hop up as zombies as soon as they walk past them. /s
  3. Please watch: "Indie Gaming- Darkness I Must Get Out" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikEzL... --~-- hello everyone welcome to my corner of the internet i hope you enjoyed Indie Gaming- All Of Zhem... i hate zombies thank for also taking the time to watch my channel if you enjoyed the video please let me know and if you didnt like the video comment on what you think i can improve on Game link-https://gamejolt.com/games/allofzhem/... socail media links are down below https://www.facebook.com/Benny-P- https://twitter.com/BennyPYT https://discord.gg/K8WEF9U
  4. The bros help a midwestern mom despite misgivings, and immediately are proven right for not trusting Big Debbie to not cause a zombie outbreak on the path leading out of the subway.
  5. The bros finally enter the subway area in Leon and Helena's campaign, and Brand learns you can't leave Cash unattended next to the subway platform.
  6. The bros discuss Kim KarCATshian and Cash can't figure out how to use green herb in Resident Evil 6 episode 2.
  7. It's Halloween and it's snowing out, so what better time to warm up on an Island full of Zombies! Lucas plays Dead Island: Definitive Edition Live on Twitch. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/grimm_gia
  8. SCUM just announced new content and a updated roadmap. Check it out!
  9. In this video I review the four new items that were added to the game today 9/28/2018 as a result of the patch. Lets see what the fuss is all about. Check it out!
  10. In this video I discuss every firearm that is currently available for use in SCUM and I've included a live fire test these weapons. Check it out now to see these weapons in action!
  11. Check out my SCUM video going over PVP Movement & Tips you can use!
  12. We got another weapon breakdown for SCUM. This time the M9 vs Desert Eagle. Watch now!
  13. TattedVex

    Kar98 Breakdown - SCUM

    In this video we do a weapon breakdown of the Kar98 which is a long rifle in SCUM. I demonstrate how lethal it is, it's practicality and if it's worth using in SCUM. Check the video out now!
  14. In this video we do a weapon breakdown of the HK MP5 which is the 9mm submachine gun in SCUM. I demonstrate how lethal it is, it's practicality and if it's worth using in SCUM. Check the video out now! HK MP5: -9MM rounds -No Attachments -30rd Mag
  15. In this video we do a weapon breakdown of the TEC01 490 which is the pump action shotgun in SCUM. I demonstrate how lethal it is, it's practicality and if it's worth using in SCUM. Check the video out now!
  16. I travel to the Train Yard to see what it has to offer and what type of loot i can find. I was not expecting to run into this... Check it out!
  17. In today's bout we have the AKM vs AK47. We finally find out which assault rifle performs the best in SCUM. Watch the video to see the pros and cons of each weapon and help you choose the best one!
  18. Bad things happen, but if you're going to get sodomized, it should at least be by a well lubricated antibacterial boner.
  19. Morning! I having a little session on They Are Billions this morning fighting the hordes and slaying giants, come and join me whilst i rage
  20. Honey Boo Boo is back, and her fat momma is here to serve up some butter and bbq!
  21. It's proven that being positive, and telling yourself things like 'YOU GOT THIS' will have a positive effect on your mood. So don't worry, Cash's got this!
  22. I'm beginning with State of Decay 2 and there are a lot of things to do!! Buet is really funny. Help me to grow on Mixer guys!! Follow and Share My other channels: - YouTube: Ender_Okada - Twitch: Ender_Okada