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Found 27 results

  1. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in playing Apex Legends Monday Wednesday and Friday at 730 PM CT (my stream times)? With season 2 coming out and the promise of competitive play I would like to lock in a solid 3rd to see what we can make pop off. (Xbox only)
  2. What's up guys!! Whos excited for the Destiny 2 beta next week?? I'm so pumped and ready to see how amazing this game is gonna be! if anyone wants to talk about it please LETS TALK
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right board but if not i hope you can move it to the right board. Dear CGN friends and Members, I am trying to get 20 overdrive crates for a Crate opening stream and i would like to ask your Help in getting those crates. When i get the crates i'll anounce a time and date for "The Cratening" as i named it. I'll be giving away the items on stream @ some point during my streams. To who i'm not sure yet eather new rocket league players or Follower raffle loteries. Donating cates will earn you currency depending that helps people pay for the point entry fee for the gift card giveaway's that i plan in the futur. Currently i have point giveaway's at every 100th Follower and a gift card at 1000 wich is a high count i know but i'm trying to think of a good way to reward people who have been on my channel for a while so that people don't just hop on to get prizes. Any advice, help or feedback that is constructive is also welcome. I'm new to all this so I could use some help. Thanks for reading and i hope you guy's have a great day! I am on Xbox One, My Gt is Sp1k3y88
  4. Hey everyone, I am looking to collaborate with someone in order to create a better streaming experience for all of our viewers. I am a variety streamer, that streams a lot of genres and I am looking for someone that shares similar streaming genres. If you would like to discuss this further, by all means message me and I will be happy to discuss with you. My Twitch Channel is: twitch.tv/oo_kenta_oo Regards, Oo_Kenta_oO
  5. Hello! I'm DJGil20 and I've recently been expanding a lot more on Twitch and Beam. I've been trying to get some more xbox one streamers to join together and collab. Some games that I play are Dark Souls 3, BF1, Destiny, Overwatch, Rocket League, ESO, and some more. If you have any interest in collabing let me know! My GT is DJGil20! I also usually stream weekdays around 12pm est!
  6. Hey all, Looking for Xbox One Players to collab, or just play with. Currently I'm playing GTA V and 7 days to die, but I have more games I just can't think of them right off hand.... Xbox GT is GibsonGuitarist, just send me a message if you add me that you're from here. Thanks
  7. Hey Thanks for reading this if you are. I am with 2 mates going to be doing a charity 24 hour stream for Macmillan Nurses. Worthwhile charity who do amazing work and have personal experience of their work. I want to give back, as this will be my 3rd event and have raised over £400 so far on previous events. I would appreciate as much support as possible and would like to ask any fellow streamers if they could possibly "auto host" my channel for the time frame of the event? This would be great as it then funnels your viewers to my channel and raises awareness towards the event and hopefully brings in more money for the charity. For further info on the event use the following links Macmillan, My Stream, Facebook page Or if you want to email me its jeff_3466@hotmail.co.uk maybe you'd like to join the fun
  8. Going live now! I will be streaming some smite so come by and chill and play some matches with me if interested because I would love to see you lovely people there https://www.twitch.tv/supasaiyannegro
  9. http://twitch.tv/lepslair Live now!
  10. Hello everyone! I was curious if anyone was interested in doing streaming sessions with me on Destiny, Black Ops 3, or Elder Scrolls Online. I've been looking to get some people together to have some fun gaming sessions and overall givev a fun environment for my (and soon to be your) viewers. I find that streams are better that way when you have friends to play with. If interested DM or send me friend requests! Squad out! DJGil20
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/shenetta1990 been streaming since 2010, and now I'm taking a little more serious. So I'm reaching out to other streamers to help out and we can really help each other out. I'm all for seeing us all be consider as a "streamer". So come join my stream and like chat and exchange Infor to plan **** out folks!
  12. Greetings Gamers Always looking to work with other players and gamers on Xbox One. I have 2 channels so i have split them up below to make it easier to understand. Gamers Cafe: (66 subs) Looking for people around the same mark to play all sorta games and Collab with. Been playing Doom lately however that is mostly single player. Not sure what the next game is but i know i am defiantly getting Titanfall 2 when it comes out. Haven't done a collab before so looking forward to doing this and maybe making some more friends... Destiny_GC (222 Subs) First channel i started, play this game "Way to much" apparently, been playing Iron banner this week but also do the raids 2 - 3 times a week as well as Challenge of Elders. Looking for someone that i can Collab with and also maybe more destiny friends as a lot of the guys and girls i used to play with have moved on to other games...
  13. https://www.twitch.tv/slangille
  14. OddZacarii


    Hello everyone i'm looking for a group of people to play Xbox one with and hoping to get a group of people who record, and or stream Call of Duty Black Ops 3!
  15. Dear fellow gamers... In about half an hour (Midnight GMT) i will be streaming the hotly anticipated Quantum Break live. If you are debating this game and want to see it in action come join me at twitch.tv/hermil19 or hermil19.com for a live first playthorugh Hope to see you there Hermil19
  16. Hey everyone, been of a random question here but does anyone play this game on the Xbox One ?? Feels like it could be a complete laugh if I had someone to play it with but at the moment I'm sat on it like Billy no mates
  17. Going to be streaming nightmares from the deep today. haven't played it before...well maybe a wee bit, but it looks good so I'm going for it https://www.twitch.tv/dcgamerx2099
  18. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2016/02/22/the-division-beta-brings-6-4-million-tourists-to-new-york-city.aspx Ubisoft has shared that this weekend’s beta for The Division brought 6.4 million players to the streets of New York City. The open beta was available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. During the weekend, players averaged nearly five hours of time in the game. All told, Ubisoft is claiming that The Division's open beta is the largest for a new franchise on this generation's console platforms. A third of the aggregate was spent in the dark zone, where players can choose to betray their friends and other agents. Approximately 2.5 million players opted to turn their guns on other Division agents, going rogue in an attempt to steal valuable gear. The Division will be out on March 8, 2016, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  19. Given that it's black Friday and peeps are probably picking up a totally sweet Xbox one (or turning to the dark side with a ps4), I was wondering WHO IS LEFT PLAYING 360? I know I am. It's laggy as ever and the servers are certainly disintegrating (I mean look at AC 4 and GTA V) You guys notice this?! Anyway, off topic :') Anyway so, Who's still holding the fort with a 360? and what're you playing? I was just wondering if I'm a dying breed? Thanks ZI Ricochet
  20. Pro lagger

    Can't Wait!

    I am hoping to get either a new beast desktop for christmas, or maybe an xbox one, but honestly I just can't wait for the break off of school xD either way I can't wait, and the xbone and or desktop would be a nice touch seriously this laptop is starting to get on my nerves lol.
  21. Hey Buds, I stream games like most of the people on here but I was wondering if anyone here played World of Tanks on Xbox One. If you buds do play and want to have a possible collaboration please read and agree to the following: You must maintain a minimum of one Stream with me per every a fortnight. If you can not stream with me every a fortnight our collaboration along with any other relationship such as but not constrained to: Shout Outs, Followings, Friendship and Featuring. You must be 16+ of age to play with me for the mature content and verbalization I can sometimes use. (Not Often but it is still there) You must shout out and feature me in any way possible such as on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter Etc. You must have a Minimum tank Tier of V and a Maximum of VIII. Those are the Tier Tanks of which I play in while I stream. You must not ask for a mitigator status on my Twitch Stream. If I trust you, I will promote you. So, that's about it! If you wanna stream, reply below
  22. I'm proud to say that my past 2 streams have been in the top Xbox Streams! Yesterday I was #3! You can find me here: Http://Twitch.TV/KawaiiSkulls
  23. Starting a Fight Night livestream event. I'll be doing this every thursdays at 8pm. today's fight night will be Killer Instinct. feel free to come in have a great time. chat and spar http://www.twitch.tv/dcgamerx2099
  24. I am a high ranking Preview member on Xbox One and have had the Windows 10 update for a while now. I have experienced my share of bugs and glitches but also know that with future updates everything can be fixed With that being said here are a list of glitches and bugs I have run into: *Random game crashes *Xbox randomly black screens and shuts down *Hulu plus has trouble streaming video and crashes *FarCry 4 heavy graphic glitches *Xbox randomly ejects disc for no reason *Controller disconnects from headset (fixed by unplugging headset and plugging it back in) *Game install notifications pop up when the game was already installed Other than those glitches/bugs, the new update is much easier to navigate. I like it a lot to be honest. It makes my life as a streamer much easier when I have to answer messages/invites. Let me know what you think of the new dashboard if you have it Also if you would like to catch my stream its Twitch.tv/HereticZombie Everynight 12am-4am est
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