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Found 19 results

  1. Just a funny video on how small streamers are when there's a new platform being announced. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/crazycliff?sub_confirmation=1 BECOME A MEMBER: https://www.youtube.com/crazycliff/join Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrazyCliff_ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrazyCliff/ Discord: https://discord.gg/hpPvHHpCny KEYWORDS: how small streamers are when theres a new platform, streamers, streaming, small streamers, twitch, dlive, glimesh, facebook, facebook gaming, youtube, youtube gaming, small streamer, streamer, streaming platforms, new streaming platforms, livestreamer, live streamer, skit, comedy, streaming 2021, streamers 2021, livestreams, live streams, small stream, streaming platform, skits, gaming skits, video games, gaming, live streaming, livestreaming, live streaming 2021, live streamers, twitch streamer, glimesh streamer, dlive streamer, youtube streamer, facebook streamer, trovo streamer #Streaming #Streamer #Skit
  2. Sick sniper no scopes and plenty of Star Wars shenanigans! Check out my Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube
  3. Episode 3 of Stream Highlights! Check out my Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube
  4. An edit from tonight, I didn't stream and only played a bit, but still got some clips for the team! Follow me on Twitch! twitch.tv/kittenadoption Twitter Twitter.com/kittenadoption_ Instagram Instagram.com/kittenadoption_ CGN cgn.us/kittenadoption twitch.tv/kittenadoption
  5. Another short clip edit from tonight's stream! Let me know what you think!
  6. Hey everyone that is a Destiny fan. I'm looking for Destiny 1 & 2 content creators that would be down to help out the destiny community with some cool streams and content on any platform! Lets take Destiny 2 by Strom and show them what CGN is made of. if you have any questions and or comments please comment on this topic and message me if interested. cnat wait to hear from you all.
  7. Whats up guys!!!! sorry I have been MIA for a while ive been working on some things that are out of my comfort zone but am really liking it. if yiu guys have any tips or comments about doing lore videos and walk-throughs let me know because I'm trying to do these things for the upcoming game... Destiny 2! Any help would be appreciated and if I could help anyone with anything Hit me up cause I'm great with streaming questions, branding ones self, and how to go about promoting things about yourself
  8. Angel_Star Well it was a great night streaming Destiny I'll be online tomorrow streaming Friday the 13th with lxARCHANGELxl and Butterflyeffect so follow them and we will see you then. Stay all of you amazin guys and gals
  9. Hello Everyone. I volunteered to write this article because after almost five years of streaming, and a little dabbling in YouTube, I feel that I have a pretty good story to tell on what I think people need to know before jumping in. I would like to preface this by saying this is purely my thoughts and opinions, not everyone will agree, and I am not claiming this is the only route to success. Hope you enjoy the read! Plan Your Channel First and foremost, after watching others get started and reflecting back on my experience, I feel that planning out your channel should be priority numero uno. Are you going to cater to a much wider audience by being a PG content creator? Or are you going to provide a niche corner where anything and everything goes? Will you replace swear words for their less harmful counterparts? Are you doing this strictly for the money or for interacting with people? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before getting started. There is nothing more detrimental to your channel than constantly reworking it to be happy. This is not to say you should never work on evolving your channel, but spending a year doing something and you not thinking that its working and going back to the drawing board is a monumental waste of time, talent, and effort. Which brings me to my next point… Do What Makes YOU Happy Everyone who starts being a content creator has a dream of being the next big thing. That is all fine and dandy, but it takes time and lots of hard work to get there. If you don’t do what makes you happy, things will start to get to you, no matter how small. It could be that people are constantly asking/telling you what to play next or what you need to do better. Ultimately, it is your channel and at the end of the day, if you are not happy and enjoying what you do, your viewers will be able to tell. Not only that, but it will take a toll on you in real life. How many stories have you heard about a big time content creator who was under such stress to put out high quality content that they were left broken and unable to even look at a computer? I know personally that I have seen it with acquaintances and friends many times. They lose the passion for what started as something they looked forward to doing every day (or multiple times a day). I have seen people lose their jobs, money, marriages, and children because the stress got to them. On a much more personal note, I have let small things get inside my brain that has caused me to stop streaming before for months on end. Even now, some days I question whether or not I should fire up my stream because something is bugging me. But at the end of the day, I LOVE playing video games and interacting with my viewers, who truly do make me feel better on bad days, and make me laugh until I have a headache. So it bears repeating….Do what you want to do and what makes you happy. Engage Your Community One mistake I see repeated far too often with new content creators is the lack of interaction with their viewers. This is more towards streamers, but is just as much helpful to YouTube/Video sharing sites. Dead air is a major killer for channels and I still fall victim to this. There are times when you are just so engrossed in a game, I get that, but don’t let thirty minutes go by without a single word. If someone pops in saying “Hi,” reply to them, make them feel welcomed, and most importantly, try to connect with them to show that you actually care about them taking the time to check you out. If you get raided, thank to raider, shout them out, get excited about it! It’s frustrating trying to talk to someone who doesn’t pay attention to chat at all or clearly is more interested in what their friend on their phone is saying than you as a viewer. I tend to watch/raid smaller streams to both help them out and find the gems, but a lot of people take it for granted. A raider is picking your channel for a reason, even if it is with one other person. That is at the very least one other viewer that has popped into your channel, and as we all know, more viewers means you are higher on the list, which turns into more people coming to check you out. Do it for me. Do it for yourself. Most importantly, do it for each and every person who comes into your channel, even if its your best friend who has been there since day one. Treat your viewers like family and you will be greatly rewarded. It Takes Time For every content creator who skyrockets to popularity, there are hundreds of those who are seemingly stuck in a loop of not having enough viewers, subscribers, or followers. These things take time, especially on the bigger sites like Twitch and YouTube. There are millions of other people trying to grab viewers’ attention and you might go months without much growth. This is normal. Let me repeat that. THIS IS NORMAL. Just because John Doe got 10,000 followers/subs in a month and is super successful, doesn’t diminish what you are doing one bit. Sure, you are going to reflect on your content and wonder what you are doing wrong, how you can change, how to be like them. But this might be the next most important thing (to me) in being a content creator: Do Not “Sell-Out” To Be Successful. What does that mean? It can be different for each person, but to me it means that you need to stay true to yourself, to what you set out to do. It refers back to the first two points in this article. Everyone’s path to success is different. Yes, there are going to be cookie cutter content creators and it will seem like you have to join that flock more often than not. However, there are lots of people out there who break the norm, who don’t need to do something crazy every two minutes to keep their viewers’ short attention span with them. Do you need a webcam? No. It might help viewers connect with you easier, but you don’t need one. Do you need to have a disco ball come down, music blaring, cowbells ringing, bad singing, and anything else that screams “PAY ATTENTION TO ME?” Absolutely not. Despite what lots of other people say, this is not needed and quite often, not wanted. Finding success, however you measure it, will take time but don’t panic if it doesn’t come as quickly as you hoped or wished. Stay the course, you will get there. Be Yourself I have alluded to this in the previous points, but it deserves its own section, mostly because there are far too many content creators out there that are “fake.” I have seen this up close and personal far too many times and it has sometimes broken my faith in others. Some sites have been operating for years and seem to have become stale. This has made some think that they have to try to act a certain way to get anywhere. This encompasses acting like other people or bringing something new/fresh to the table. Granted, this does work for some, so there is obviously something to be said for it, but personally, its abhorrent and makes me sick. Maybe its because I have been burnt by numerous people who I helped from day one climb the ladder to be successful, but showing people who you really are will get you something every content creator yearns for. Loyalty. Being yourself will also help stave off the Drama Llama that seems to creep up everywhere on the internet. Whether its between you and your viewers, you and other content creators, or just between two people you don’t know and you somehow get dragged into it. It can and will destroy some people and possibly your whole community. It sucks and its infuriating. You will have to make some concessions, like that annoying viewer who hasn’t done anything against the rules, but drives you and others batty to the point that you just want to ban them. But then there are the trolls and I feel they come in many different forms. You have the ones who hop from channel to channel testing to see how quickly they can get banned. Then there are the ones who will troll but not outright say anything ban worthy. And then there are the ones who play the long game, and might be the most destructive of them all. The ones who wiggle their way deep into your community and your trust circle, waiting for the right time to strike and destroy everything you worked hard to build. Develop a Thick Skin To have any semblance of success being a content creator, you have to learn to ignore some people. Whether it be their comments on videos or chat, their voices in discord/TeamSpeak, or their game play if you play games with them. Not everyone is going to align with your way of thinking/acting/playing. You can’t let these things get to you or worry over something a keyboard warrior taking refuge behind a random screen name says to/about you. Too many times I have seen people break down on stream or in private messages. At that point, they win, they got to you, got under your skin, even if they don’t actually see it happen. Personally, I don’t even bring attention to the comments unless others do. I trust my mods to delete the worst of the comments. If someone keeps it up or multiple people target me, I just agree with them and laugh it off. I have found that this shows them that their crap isn’t going to work here and they leave of their own accord. Comment sections and chat is like an aphrodisiac to these people and they flock to them in droves. I beg of you, do not let these get to you in any way. I understand there are those out there that can make your life a living hell, but from what I have seen, they target mostly those people who acknowledge them. Don’t Be Afraid of Change Lastly I would like address this topic, which might seem to contradict my previous statements. Sometimes change is inevitable, whether its drastic or subtle. Maybe your friends/community offer up some suggestions and you want to implement them. This is not a bad thing as long as its what you want to do as well. Perhaps you see a new platform for you to share your content on but you have put a lot of time into a different one. I went from streaming on Twitch for almost four years and the day I learned about Beam.pro, I switched immediately. It gave me what I wanted. I just recently re-branded my channel on there to include my wife who now streams her game play on the channel with me. This is the growing process of content creation. Just don’t let change get in the way of what you are wanting to do. Don’t go to drastic measures every time you feel growth has slowed or become stagnant. Your viewers will keep coming back because they know what to expect. If you do plan to make some changes, try to give your community as much notice as possible so they aren’t caught off guard and make assumptions. This also extends to those you might deem close to you in your community. Do you have a gaming group the has started to become non-existent? Maybe its time to find a new group or invite new people to fill in the gap left by others. Is a mod on your channel becoming a problem or doesn’t show up anymore? Talk to them about it and perhaps they need to be removed as a mod. You will not prevent everyone’s feelings from being hurt, but if you know in your heart that you did everything to make it the best situation possible, then there is nothing more you can do. Again, let your community know when stuff like this happens. Just don’t go into more detail than they need to know. That’s just inviting the Drama Llama. I have shared what I feel are the most important things you need to know getting started as a content creator. There are many many smaller things that I couldn’t cover or just couldn’t think of at this time. It is not an easy road, being successful in this business. Sweat, tears, and sometimes blood must be sacrificed to make a name for yourself, but if you enjoy it, if you love what you do and show it to your audience, then it is only a matter of time. Good luck to you all!
  10. Hey y'all I started this post for a few different reasons with the first being I would like to connect and meet new people to be able to game with and help support them if I can since if you're a streamer I need more new channels to watch. I also started this post in hopes that people will feel the same way so that we can all follow each other and show support in the gaming community. So if you want to connect with new people and make new friends please post the links you would like people to check out and follow and hopefully give everyone else a follow to as well as telling us information about yourself since I don't want this to be where we follow each other and never talk again, I am new to this site so I am looking to make new friends and hope others feel the same way. P.S: If you would like to follow me my twitch link is http://twitch.tv/TrixieGem and my name on Twitter is TrixGem, I look forward to meeting all of you.
  11. Any other streamers from Delaware or even on Delmarva? I am thinking about starting a Delaware or Delmarva stream team, but so far I haven't been able to find anyone who streams here.
  12. Hi CGN Fam! I'm back from vacation! It was a long and hard week of detox from Twitch, but I can't wait to dive right back in. Come by and say hi and check me out @ twitch.tv/cafiendqueen and let me know you are from CGN. I will playing some more Overwatch today to catch up in profile rank...I fell WAYYYY behind being gone. I am level 45 now, hopefully will hit 50 today. Thanks! - CafiendQueen
  13. Currently looking for streamers who are willing to do some collaborations with Terraria. If you have played Terraria before and have at least the Final Boss in the game (which is Moonlord as of patch 1.3), Either respond to this thread, or send me a whisper on Twitch @ ShawKill. Basic collaborations will include some difficult Teamwork Based Runs, or even harder than that! Can help you with your viewership if selected so act now! Currently doing a challenge if you are interested and have some ideas of what we will be doing.
  14. Overwatch right now! Drop by and say hi! https://www.twitch.tv/surprisejetpack
  15. Hello everyone, A whie ago i found a pretty cool site to post your streaming schedule: speq.me . On this site you can add your streaming schedule (comes the awesome part) which convert your streaming schedule to the local timezone of the viewer viewing your streaming schedule. You can also make your own list with good streamers or streamers you recommend to advertise them aswell. If those streamers also have their schedule added then your viewer can view their schedule aswell and know when 1 of your favorite streamers is online. Example of a schedule (with timezone conversion): https://www.speq.me/helixia Also feel free to share your streaming schedule. Happy planning! ~~Helixia~~
  16. So i've just hit the 1090 mark. I know right?! Anyway I would love to start networking, playing with other's that like games as I do. MMO's, League, ARK, Diablo etc. I've been working extremely hard, and think it's High time to really start getting to know other's, dual stream and what have you. Contact me! Give me a follow and I'll follow back! Can't wait to hear from some of you.
  17. Hi guys! I pretty much play Destiny exclusively. I'm that guy that finds a game I like and play it till it dies. If anyone like to play Destiny, hit me up on my stream at twitch.tv/tenaciousclete or friend me on Xbone at TenaciousClete. Looking forward to playing and meeting everyone!
  18. So I am not sure these kind of things are allowed and its not my intention to break any rules but I was hopping around on some of your streams and noticed the lack of decent or original overlays/ offline screens/ profile banners. I would be happy to help anyone with some clean simple good looking overlays. I am by no means a professional, but know some people don't have the creative skill to do such things, to no fault to them. you can check out my stream for my overlay stuff buttons included. i did all of it minus original work from the game I play. and would be happy to talk about helping people. I'm not gonna talk price here as to not push any rules but if you want to Msg Me I would be happy to talk further... By the way Mods if this post is against any rules I am sorry and obviously you can delete. Just trying to help other streamers be as appealing as they can.
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