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Found 79 results

  1. Wolf Day Stream 5/15/21 Stellaris - Rise of the WPR -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticre...
  2. Wolf Day Stream 5/8/21 Stellaris- Rise of the WPR Rating: Everyone -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticrepublic1993
  3. Today for Wolf Stream; we're going to become wolves in Wolf Quest. Sorry what happen at the end; my OBS crash on me and also crash the game together so I had to end it there. Rating: Everyone -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticre...
  4. Wolf Day Stream 4/17/21 Stormworks/Stellaris
  5. Paper, Please Final: End of the Wolf In this video; we finish Paper, Please; but with one of the endings. Rating: Mature
  6. Paper, Please Episode 22: Wolfernia Freedom In this video; nothing else is happening at the border. Rating: Mature
  7. Paper, Please Episode 21: Asylum Wolves In this video; we are allowing people who wants to seek asylum in the country, but only if they have the permit. Rating: Mature
  8. Paper, Please Episode 20: Alpha Return In this video; the Impor sanction has ended and the people of Impor is allow in the border. Rating: Mature
  9. Paper, Please Episode 19: Impor Wolves In this video, the country of Impor has reject our trade routes and as our order we reject people of Impor to cross the border. Rating: Mature
  10. Paper, Please Episode 18: Reason to Howl In this episode; we have a Reason to Denial stamp for people who is been rejected from the border for reasons. Rating: Mature
  11. Paper, Please Episode 17: New Wolf Ally In this video; we make a new friend at the border. Rating: Mature
  12. Paper, Please Episode 16: Wolf's Fang In this episode; we are in charge of protecting the inner border from people trying to get in illegal.
  13. Paper, Please Episode 15: Nothing to Howl In this episode; there is nothing to report except taking care the border
  14. Paper, Please Episode 14: Wanted Wolves In this episode; we have wanted posters of criminals we need to keep our eyes open at the border. Rating: Mature
  15. Paper; Please Episode 13: Wolf Supplement In this episode; Foreigners must have a ID Supplement before entering the border. Rating: Mature
  16. Paper; Please Episode 12: Dangerous Wolves In this episode; we been order to keep track on a terrorist organization which we are very familiar with in the border. Rating: Mature
  17. Paper, Please Episode 11: Fake Wolves In this video; someone stole our seals and trying to make a forgeries on their permits. Arrest anyone who has a fake seal permit. Rating: Mature
  18. Paper, Please Episode 10: Alpha has arrived In this episode; we are having a visiting by the officer from the Eastern Gastin for new further orders. Rating: Mature
  19. Paper, Please Episode 9: Undercover Wolf In this video; our Ministry has been infiltrated, we expect further orders from the border. Rating: Mature
  20. Wolf Day Stream: Birth of the Wolves 3/19/21 Hearts of Iron IV: Romania -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticre...
  21. Paper, Please Episode 8: Sorry, Wolves In this video; due to the Kolechans complain; we are not allowing searching to only Kolechan citizens. Rating: Mature
  22. Paper, Please Episode 7: Wolf can sense your fear In this video; after a terrorist attack in our last episode; we have installed a search booth in order to search for weapons or any illegal items. Rating: Mature
  23. Paper, Please Episode 6: Hard Working Wolves In this episode; we allowing working people cross the border if they have a working permit. Rating: Teen
  24. Paper, Please Episode 5: Detain Wolves In this episode; we been order to detain people who has fake papers.
  25. Paper, Please Episode 4: Wolves, Please In the Episode; the citizens must require an ID before entering the border. Rating: Teen
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