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Found 34 results

  1. This is the intro to Big Crazy Ape's Channel y'all! Tune in and join The Jungle! Get your comedy in! https://mixer.com/Big_Crazy_Ape
  2. Friends Parody created by The BCA to showcase on Mixer and to support some of his friends! Follow The Jungle and enjoy some of the most comedic gameplay out there! https://mixer.com/big_crazy_ape
  3. Finally! After two long weeks, The Jungle finally gets their leader, the BCA back!! Get ready, get hyped, go bananas y'all!
  4. Once more into the abyss we go. Stream Schedule At The End of The Video. Follow me for silly things - Twitter - @Quicktabsays Mixer- Mixer.com/Quicktab Music by - Bensound.com
  5. Titus Talks about the world's top Streamer, Ninja moving to Mixer, what Mixer is and how that move could expand Mixer's place in the Streaming IIndustry. Plus, Titus ties it to todya's Pro Wrestling scene. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/evilgeniustitus
  6. this is a direct upload from my livestream of resident evil 4. there will be. glitchy frames, moments where i talk to my audience, probably some shit audio. unless i find an editor to put these into a funny moments compilation there's not gonna be any way to pull out all that stuff.
  7. Sub to my YT page @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKv1WhCrLlrtvfGG89biN-Q Follow me on twitter @ https://twitter.com/avonmotz Follow me on insta @ https://www.instagram.com/vonmotz.andrew/
  8. Have you ever wanted to run your own religion? You get the chance to in Godhood, a game by Abbey Games where you are the God of your own religion. Lead your followers to a new dawn and try to spread your influence as far as possible. The game was confusing as first but it doesn't hold your hand and makes your figure the game out as you go. Eventually, you start to understand the mechanics and can start planning how you want to develop your group.
  9. Hey everyone! Over at http://Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz we do Open lobbies for anyone willing to have some fun and try to become champions for the new season of Apex Legends! Here is a small preview of how we do! We also like to enjoy ourselves in the process because having fun is the #1 rule in my channel! Anyone is allowed to join and it does not matter skill level. We all have to start somewhere. I just want to meet new people and grow together! Come on in and leave my channel a follow and I will greatly appreciate your face!
  10. Hello Everyone, I am so excited to let you all know that I will be streaming for extra life March 16th, starting at 10am EST. I will have a special guest that will be joining chat at some point during the stream (time to be determined) to answer any questions, concerns, ect...Deb is the extra live streamer Rep in my area of the world (SC). She will be informing us about the future of extra life, how gamers play a role, and marketing techniques that we can use to partner with local businesses to help out. So, stop by and lets get off to a get start for these kind and their families.
  11. Please Provide Your Mixer links Here
  12. Hey everyone, I am looking to find a streaming partner/partners to play with regularly or here and there. I play every game under the rainbow. I currently only stream on xbox one. if anyone is interested message me or leave a comment and we can work out the details Thanks for stopping by! -Jester
  13. I jus now created an account for mixer and not really sure how mixer works. I pretty got the basics of how it works, but there some things I don't really understand yet. I kno dat I hav to learn as I go with mixer, but if u guys hav any advice or tips about using mixer I'd very much appreciate it.
  14. Hey all of my friendly Mixer Streamers out there! A fellow streamers and me have started a Mixer team that will be the most supportive one yet! we are currently looking to interview prospects that we feel will help the supportive community and will be super amazing! The UnderDog Story is your story.. how you began small and unknown and why you started to stream to how you are now and by telling us and everyone your story, you gain a connection and support from the fellow team members and fam all across Mixer! If you're interested please comment on this, DM me on twitter @CerusKnight , or come to my stream and Whisper me! Come share your story and be part of a family Much love to the CGN Family and all the amazing support and love that is on here
  15. Hey guys Cerus here!!! If you're a streamer on mixer and looking to network, message me on here or on twitter and lets try to help all of us grow no matter how small or big you are, lets be that streaming family.
  16. Whats going on guys! My name is Cerus and a lot of you may know me on here. Id like to really start to help fellow content creators grow their channels and help everyone reach their goals and dreams. Lets show the gaming world what CGN is about, Comment your channel or whatever you do and ill check you out and do my best to support it because gaming and streaming would be the same without all of you amazing people Heres mine www.mixer.com/PharaohCerus
  17. Hey! I'm new around here and just wanted to get a feel for what website most people stream on. Me personally stream on mixer as I enjoy the engagement between the streamer/viewers. Let me know! Cheers
  18. Hey Fam lol! id like to say that CGN is one hell of a Site and Community. It's filled with the best gamers in the world and I am so glad to be a part of CGN! With that said id like to show my love for all the Content creators and Streamers on YouTube, Mixer, and so on.... So please message me, follow me, and comment your Channels names and platform and I will 100% Check out every single one!!! I'm on mixer @PharaohCerus I look forward to meeting all of CGN!!! And always remember to LOVE, SUPPORT, and GAME!
  19. We will be giving away 1 Month of Mixer Pro when he hit *$35 of donations to Extra Life and 3 months of XSplit Premium for *$60 We will be streaming Tomorrow for Extra Life (10/12/2017) at YouTube.com/Snailman2 and Mixer.com/Snailman2 *Total of all Donations to my Extra Life page.
  20. If you would like to win a Month of Mixer Pro (code), Tune in this Thursday to http://gaming.YouTube.com/Snailman2/live and/or http://Mixer.com/Snailman2 to our Extra Life Stream #FTK! Donate $1 or more for a shoutout and an (optional) entry! Link to Extra Life and other details will be at the stream! SO I HOPE TO SEE Y'ALL THERE! (We will be streaming Trick & Treat, which has some "jump scares" and horror elements.)
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