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Found 15 results

  1. I have a merch store, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Waterbottles, Phone cases, and More https://shop.spreadshirt.com/NathanSifuGaming All My Links ► https://tapmybio.com/nathansifugaming If you liked this video, follow and like all the followey and likey things! If you'd like to support me, see links below Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is the complete Shovel Knight collection, containing all 5 games in the epic saga! Dig, blast, slash, and bash your way through a fantastical, 8-bit inspired world of pixel-perfect platforming, memorable characters, and world-class action-adventure gameplay. #letsplay #gaming #nathansifugamingshovelknight #NintendoSwitch Intro / Outro Music: Here's LittleVMills' Epic Metal Cover of U Got That by Halogen https://www.youtube.com/LittleVMills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8xoV-v1Yl0 ----------------------- This Playlist: ----------------------- On BitChute ► http://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/nathansifugamingshovelknight/ On YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLty9ZEcWAtrB91p-P01z9NRG0I_oj2tpI Check out my playlists! ► https://www.youtube.com/NathanSifuHD/playlists ----------------------- Follow me on: ----------------------- Gab ► http://www.gab.com/NathanSifuGaming Minds ► http://www.minds.com/NathanSifuHD Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/NathanSifuHD ----------------------- Live Streaming: ----------------------- DLive ► https://dlive.tv/NathanSifuGaming Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/NathanSifuHD Mixer ► http://www.mixer.com/NathanSifuGaming cgn.us ► http://www.cgn.us/NathanSifuGaming ----------------------- My Videos on: ----------------------- BitChute ► https://www.bitchute.com/channel/nathansifugaming/ D.Tube ► https://d.tube/#!/c/nathansifugaming cgn.us ► http://www.cgn.us/NathanSifuGaming FruitLab ► https://fruitlab.com/channel/EY1Ek3sEc9uTrxwC ----------------------- Support Links: ----------------------- Donate some PIPS on Fruitlab ► https://fruitlab.com/channel/EY1Ek3sEc9uTrxwC Donate some LBC to my LBRY ► https://lbry.tv/@nathansifugaming:8 "Like" one of my D.Tube Videos. ► https://d.tube/#!/c/nathansifugaming Buy from my Merch store ► https://shop.spreadshirt.com/NathanSifuGaming Or you can donate directly! ► https://subscribestar.com/nathansifugaming
  2. everything you need to know about the heavensturn and how to get it done lickety split
  3. Do you want to know How To Party? Watch the video **This is not for kids** In todays videos we'll be looking at a how to video, how to party from a 1950s instructional video. Times have definitely changed since the 1950s, especially throwing a party. SMASH Like Hit that BELL and SUB Button if you enjoyed the video! Social Media Links! Twitter: https://twitter.com/WoWMetalhey Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/metalhey/
  4. this one will teach you how to get the max exp ,before you even leave you city to hunt your first monsters .i hope it helps
  5. there we have it, a quick and easy guide for you starter classes .hope it helps
  6. everything you need to know,where to find them ,what do they sell and how can you rank up to unlock their top loot.
  7. With these keybinds you will edit insanely fast! In this video I'm gonna show you how to edit faster. Even faster than PC players! DON'T CLICK THIS : https://bit.ly/2wSOhdu Follow me on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/splashazard... And on Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/splashazard #HowTo #fnbr #Pro
  8. I created a youtube club at Its aimed more at content creators and sharing how to use youtube to the fullest and to share and ask questions on how to create content, I'm no expert and so the club is for me to learn too!
  9. Hey Everyone! As quite a few of you know now, I'm making YouTube videos once a week (currently once, thinking about twice a week), and they're centered around bundling up the knowledge I'm gaining as a growing streamer, and giving it back to the community in order to help other small and growing streamers avoid some common early pitfalls and make the correct moves early. I have ideas about what I'd like to create, and could keep putting out content I come up with myself. But what I'd really like is to have some ideas from the community about what you guys would like to see. Are there some questions you have and want answered? Are there common things that you can't find answers for that I've missed? Do you want to know how to do something and have a hard time finding good info on it? Give me your ideas and help me help you! If I have the experience to speak about what you're asking, I'll gladly make content based on what you need to see! Thanks guys, I hope this sparks some discussion about what's missing out there for you, and maybe I can fill a niche that's missing a good creator ? Link to my Youtube channel in case you haven't seen it, or need a refresher on what kind of videos I'm making https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJGwQGYa06XB-zjx8FXd7Q
  10. So I have a copy of Elder Scrolls Online, Tamriel Unlimited (Steam Code) so I was wondering which would be the best way to go about a giveaway, has anyone used any specific ones, do subs/views gained from that help or are they pretty much the same as sub4sub situation? I see gleam is being used a lot, is that the best giveaway platform? All help appreciated!
  11. Hi, i decided to make this topic to help those who wants to know if there PC can handle streaming and gaming and if not,what you should do or buy and what to look for. 1st - Start here -> https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e96ZDqeDyJY&index=1&list=PLCFw0vK3ENlyep368dkaq4KjgualRjvlD Check the description tab with the video it self! This will give alot of information about OBS and how your PC will react to the settings of your streaming program (OBS and Xplit are similar), I also talk about some PC specs too. Also Check that out -> www.obsproject.com/estimator This can guide you to configure your Streaming program. 2nd - Streaming is very CPU demanding! especially if you game and stream on the same pc. get a I7 intel series. Quad core Multi-threaded to 8 core for the best performance or simply something higher than a 4 core. (The best of the best OF THE BEST, is to have 2 PC. One dedicated to streaming programs like OBS moobot etc and the other to purely play Games) But lets focus on a single streaming/Gaming PC. 3rd - PC spec -> Intel I7 is for the best, lower than that and your pc will be struggling or you will have to lower your quality a lot and it will be pixalated/blurry. Get a decent video card 770GTX or higher for gaming, (i recommend higher) because streaming doesn't require a good video card at all. But games do. Streaming is all about the CPU. lets say you have a 660ti GTX video card , I5 CPU 8gig of RAM, you will not be happy with the results, im not saying you cant stream im saying the quality will be bad as for RAM 8 gig can be okay but 16 is better (you have a few program runing, skype, notification, streaming program and more plus your game. 4th - The bandwidth. Streaming is all about Upload. i recommend 5mb or higher. the more you have the better. but twitch doesn't handle higher than 3500kbs (3.5mb) keep in mind that what you setup, thats what the viewer will download from you, through twitch. And alot of viewers dont have better than 2mb sadly. if you put it to 3500kbs to have the best quality alot of viewers wont be able to watch your stream. keep that setting for when you have a source button. it will be unlock at 100 viewers on your stream live. just refresh and it will be there. (sometime less than that too ^^) 5th - Your game settings. You should know that in the graphics tab of your game, if you put graphics to High or more, Your GPU (video card) will handle most of the graphics. Lower than High and your CPU will handle some graphics (some game dont follow that rule like H1Z1 for example) So think about balancing your graphics in-game so your game dont HUG all your CPU usage (check that in the Task manage performance tab, ctrl-del) Keep in mind we all have different PC so its up to you to find a good balance and find the information out there. My video in the 1st step will give alot of that knowledge about that and ( www.obsproject.com/estimator will help you setting your OBS or the streaming program you are using) 6th - Know your program! Like OBS for example. (its all about the same thing) in the advance tab you have a CPU preset, the lower you put your setting the more stress and resources your CPU will use, witch will cause some Frames to drop in game even alot sometimes, depending on the game, newer the game is, the worst it will be. Example. You play DayZ without streaming and you have 60 fps all the time. Awesome! you start your stream and you drop at 40fps and lower. Its normal! not much you can do about it, except trying to make your streaming program use less of your CPU. The resolution, the higher like 1080p, will require alot of resources of your CPU (it will render more pixels. 1920 times 1080 =2073600 its alot, and will use your CPU more ) The Frames Per Seconds of the programe too! if you stream at 60FPS your CPU will try to render those 60FPS witch is really demanding on the CPU as well. so x264 encoding preset, Resolution, FPS are heavy on the CPU! if your stream lag, its because your CPU can't handle properly your settings. Lower them. 720p @30FPS is usually the sweet spot! ( i give tip and trick about that in my video About pixalation, this happends when your computer try to send too much information with a low bandwidth in combination of your CPU not rendering enough information before sending it to twitch (no source button, twitch will not render anything for you) If you can put your preset at medium for example (its means your CPU will work overdrive and render alot more information before sending it to twitch! so you can lower your bitrate at 1500kbs and it wont be as pixalated, so viewable for viewers with low bandwidth) once again, no source button mean the viewer will download the raw information your sending! What to buy: Thats more touchy because it depends on how much your are willing to spend into all this. i started small and over the year i upgrade and use the old parts to build a 2nd PC that is now my streaming PC, My streaming PC only Stream while my Gaming PC only game! for more information on that, viste my Twitch @ twitch.tv/daemienhellgamer and look at my panel PC setup! all my spec is there and all the gear i use to stream From the Mic to the sound board to the PCs, etc. And for more information on what to buy and how to setup Dual Stream PC (audio/video setup included) Check this video! -> https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InicrYPajPM&list=PLCFw0vK3ENlyep368dkaq4KjgualRjvlD&index=3 Here we go. It is all here for whole world to see! Yes guys and girls there is a lot to know about streaming that have nothing to do with your game play or making a show in front of a cam And this is all just the basic knowledge. In my video i cover a lot more! I hope it will help some off you. If you have more question and would like some live assistance, come to my stream or drop a comment on my youtube videos and it will be my pleasure to answer it all! That is a reason of why i stream. Gaming is fun, sharing knowledge is awesome. Youtube.com/DaemienHellGamer Twitch.tv/DaemienHellGamer See you there! This post has been promoted to an article
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