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Found 53 results

  1. PamelaVessGaming

    Vlog Time - Just A Few Updates

    So some stuff is changing but I wanted to let you guys know before things happen. My laptop is dying and with my job and paying bills/rent i cant afford a new PC anytime soon but I have left a link to my donation if anyone would like to help or if you have a PC you dont use anymore Im willing to take those too! I hope you all enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching! Please send all donations here! https://paypal.me/PamelaVessGaming Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/c/PamelaVessGaming Intro and Outro done by DJ Grassed Up(My Hubby) Intro Song - Blue Outro Song - Cloaked Figures You can find his music here: www.reverbnation.com/djgrassedup Check out my friends too! Tech [P]lays! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg27... Badd Hippie - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9lD... Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PamelaVessGamin Tumblr: http://pamela-vess-gaming.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pamela-Vess-... Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/pamelavessgaming
  2. Hey Everyone! As quite a few of you know now, I'm making YouTube videos once a week (currently once, thinking about twice a week), and they're centered around bundling up the knowledge I'm gaining as a growing streamer, and giving it back to the community in order to help other small and growing streamers avoid some common early pitfalls and make the correct moves early. I have ideas about what I'd like to create, and could keep putting out content I come up with myself. But what I'd really like is to have some ideas from the community about what you guys would like to see. Are there some questions you have and want answered? Are there common things that you can't find answers for that I've missed? Do you want to know how to do something and have a hard time finding good info on it? Give me your ideas and help me help you! If I have the experience to speak about what you're asking, I'll gladly make content based on what you need to see! Thanks guys, I hope this sparks some discussion about what's missing out there for you, and maybe I can fill a niche that's missing a good creator Link to my Youtube channel in case you haven't seen it, or need a refresher on what kind of videos I'm making https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJGwQGYa06XB-zjx8FXd7Q
  3. My 3rd YouTube video in the series of taking the knowledge I'm gaining as a small streamer, and giving it out to others in the hopes they can use my experience to avoid early pitfalls and see faster, easier success!
  4. My second YouTube video! From one small streamer, to all small streamers. Check it out, hope it helps!
  5. Growing on Twitch is tough. But not impossible. The first of many videos to try and bring hope, advice and motivation to others on similar paths. One part documentation, one part advice, one part support.
  6. A video attempt of teaching team coordination in Rainbow Six Siege
  7. KW-Erion

    Help Your Fellow Human

    I challenge you to go help your fellow human!
  8. zombi3_whisp3r3r

    Useful Ankhbot Commands And Tips

    Hey guys, just wanted to make this post to help out my fellow streamers (New and Veteran) and to create a thread that we could share our commands. As the Title says this is just some useful things Ankhbot and commands that might make your stream a little better or more interactive for your audience. Im not going to go over setting up ankhbot but ill cover some issues I encountered and how i fixed then and then useful commands. Disclaimer: I'm no expert at Ankhbot or streaming, also If this has already been covered by someone else I apologise but i cxouldnt seem to find it. Also sorry about how poorly put together this is I was always bad at english class in school xDD the wording of all the messages can be changed just as long as keep the "$" words in the command !Highlight Command Description:When someone puts !highlight in the chat this will save the time of the stream of the highlight, the date and who saved it Command:!Highlight Permissions:Moderator(To stop spamming by viewers) Response:$savetofile("Text File Location on PC","$date | Time: $uptime | $dummyormsg | submitted by $user","Confirmation message to say its been saved","Error message to say it wasnt saved") !Uptime Command Description: Shows how long the stream has been live Command: !Uptime Permissions: Everyone Response: Streamer has been live for $uptime !Shoutout Command Description: Allows you to shoutout another streamer Command: !shoutout (streamers Name) Permissions: Moderators Response: Head on over and check out $target! They were recently playing $game at $url !Top Points and Hours(Credit to SteddyBear3) Description: Displays to the chat the top 3 point holders or people with most time spent Command: !top5*Users (or whatever you want as your command) *place whatever number you want as the amount to be shown in the "#" position on the Response Permissions: Everyone Response:$toppoints(#) $tophours(#) Adding Quotes Description: How to add quotes to the quote system Command: !quote add "insert quote here" *This command is already setup within Ankhbot so you don't have to set this up in your command section, I just decided to add it incase anyone was curious about how to add quoted from the chat. Songrequest tips *this is just a couple of things I ran into and how I fixed it: if the next song isnt playing after one finishes, just restart ankhbot and it should fix it. If your trying to add your playlist and Its giving yuou an error for "invalid token or wrong URL", only use the ID of the Playlist so take the ID afer the "=" sign. e.g https://https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGJvtzQPyOLjtNyqengev-58WhuDh63AE *only use the red text If you also use OBS to stream, to add the name of the Current Song on screen of your stream, create a text file and read from file(the same way you get most recent follower). then Go into the Ankhbot folder, Go to Twitch, then Files, and select the "Current Song" text file, that will automatically refresh everytime the song changes. Hopefully I have covered Everything, If anyone has any other tips or commands that they Use comment them below, If you guys have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you out!!, Zombi3 This post has been promoted to an article
  9. i dont put all my vids on here only some every now and then and if u like these feel free to check out some of the many other vids on my channel and if u wannna follow my channel and my twitter , instagram and twitch all the links will be below and thank u for taking the time to check out this vid youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvPPREbtnCnjGJRvzYNKYaw Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/heroj1987 twitter: @heroj1987 Instagram: jmhurst1987
  10. HalfdemonGirlTV

    Stream Overlay

    Hello everyone, I looked in the shop for some Stream overlays to get but I did not see anything exactly like I wanted. I was wondering if anyone could help with a Stream overlay for myself and my fiance Gendrisvilor, we just want something simple. I would appreciate any help I could get :).
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right board but if not i hope you can move it to the right board. Dear CGN friends and Members, I am trying to get 20 overdrive crates for a Crate opening stream and i would like to ask your Help in getting those crates. When i get the crates i'll anounce a time and date for "The Cratening" as i named it. I'll be giving away the items on stream @ some point during my streams. To who i'm not sure yet eather new rocket league players or Follower raffle loteries. Donating cates will earn you currency depending that helps people pay for the point entry fee for the gift card giveaway's that i plan in the futur. Currently i have point giveaway's at every 100th Follower and a gift card at 1000 wich is a high count i know but i'm trying to think of a good way to reward people who have been on my channel for a while so that people don't just hop on to get prizes. Any advice, help or feedback that is constructive is also welcome. I'm new to all this so I could use some help. Thanks for reading and i hope you guy's have a great day! I am on Xbox One, My Gt is Sp1k3y88
  12. Yo yo yo, guys Rollout Dino here with a new episode of Pokemon Sapphire Randomized Nuzlocke episode 29!! I really hope you guys enjoy the video as always leave a like, comment and subscribe if you want more and don't forget to show your friends. As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time!!
  13. Yo yo yo, guys Rollout Dino here with a new episode of Pokemon Sapphire Randomized Nuzlockeepisode 14!!! I really hope you guys enjoy the video as always leave a like, comment and subscribe if you want more and don't forget to show your friends. As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time!!
  14. yo yo guys Rollout Dino here with a new LP! It is called Alicemare and it is a RPG Maker horror game. I stumbled on this game and thought I should do an LP on it give me your thought on it. Should I continue or scrap it? As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next to me!!! About the game: The game follows an amnesiac young boy named Allen who was placed under the care of a man called Teacher who looks after four other children. One night, Allen investigates the rumor of a mysterious voice on the second floor and when he returns to his room, he finds a strange black cat who leads him into his closet and he winds up in an even stranger Dream. Now caught up in this World, he is forced to help the White Rabbit retrieve the four World Keys scattered throughout and hopefully find a way back home.
  15. Yo yo yo, guys Rollout Dino here with a new episode of Pokemon Sapphire Randomized Nuzlockeepisode 12!!! I really hope you guys enjoy the video as always leave a like, comment and subscribe if you want more and don't forget to show your friends. As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time!!
  16. Yo yo yo, guys Rollout Dino here with a new episode of Pokemon Sapphire Randomized Nuzlockeepisode 10!!! I really hope you guys enjoy the video as always leave a like, comment and subscribe if you want more and don't forget to show your friends. As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time!!
  17. PureCoopGaming

    New and Inexperienced!!

    Hi guys, so we've been doing twitch for a couple days now, and really getting pretty good with it. So we thought we may as well make our livesteams into videos, that we can share onto YouTube. Any tips or advice would be HUGELY appreciated. Please can you watch our video and see what you think, or what I can also do to make them better. I'm not trying to give them a "wowfactor" as they're just videos of our enjoyment and experience playing the video game. I'll place a link to a part 2 of a series that we're doing. Part 1 is in a playlist in the video description.
  18. Yo yo yo, guys Rollout Dino here with a new let's play I hope you guys enjoyed it leave a like and comment on how I did and don't forget to subscribe if you want more!!!! Don't forget to go check out my channel as of right now I got two lps going this one and a rpg horror game called Alicemare.It would mean a lot to me if you did!!! As always this is Rollout Dino rolling out see ya next time.
  19. HalfdemonGirlTV

    Stream Overlay

    Hello everyone I was wondering if there is anyone on here that does Twitch Overlays for free, I normally do them myself but I don't have the money to buy Photoshop right now. If anyone is able to help I would greatly appreciate it :D.
  20. Hi there everyone! Aaron from Megabits here! I just had a quick question from everyone here. So I've been gaining a lot of subscribers lately, last month alone we gained almost 300. So things are going well, in a sense. What I'm having issues with keep a good audience that's active. My watch times are up, but people aren't staying for my videos. I guess I need a "hook" to keep the audience. If anyone can give me any ideas or advice, I'd be very thankful!! Here's my channel! Go over some videos and let me know! www.youtube.com/c/cmegabits