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Found 2 results

  1. BEACH PARTY BANANZA~ Nexomon Let's Play Part 8 Hey everyone Directionally Challenged here bringing you a new pokemon ripoff game let’s play! Nexomon! I don’t know if you’ve heard of Nexomon, it used to be a phone game but now it’s here on the channel and kicking off the semi-year of pokemon knockoff games! So jump in and let’s begin! Also I tried nuumosnters, you can enjoy the first 7 minutes before I gave up and went to play a different pokemon like game. So yeah! Nexomon! Come and join into this pokemon knockoff game let’s play! I don’t know what to say, but this Nexomon let’s play is actually pretty fun, if you haven’t tried it I recommend you do. It’s cute, it’s fun, you have lot’s of options for starters and stuff. So you know, do it! Play the game! If you want to see more pokemon like games or pokemon knockoff game let’s play videos then just stay tuned because we’re going to be going through quite a few pokemon knockoff games on this channel in the coming year or so! You’ll be shocked! SHOCKED! At how many pokemon knockoff let’s play videos I can make. We're hopping in for more Knockoff pokemon game fun with this first gym battle! How easily can I destroy the first gym leader!? Let's fine out in this Nexomon Let's Play!
  2. You Don't Get To Play ! Let's Play Uno Part 1! Hey there! it's me Directionally Challenged bringing you a new #letsplay for that hot hot #gaming content! You know it, you love it, it ruined families! It's UNO ! Welcome to my Uno gameplay ! I know a lot of you have played UNO before, you have to have played it... it's been around forever! If you haven't played Uno before, well welcome to your first experience with the card game that destroys families and friendships at similar rates to monopoly! Anyways i'm playing Uno with my friend angels calamatiy and Cinnimon! Whcih if you don't know, Angels is the host of the podcast i'm on!! crazy I know! So anyways, we played Uno together and hopefully you guys get to enjoy these funny moments with us as we embark on the joy of bringing you... the ultimate uno let's play! What do you mean this isn't the ultimate uno let's play? You dare to say it's not! Well forget you then... anyways though for real Uno is awesome. I really hope you guys like our uno gameplay and that it inspires you to go out and play some uno with your friends! make your own uno gameplay videos! bring your own uno let's play to the internet! Come on everyone! enjoy the game, embrace Uno! make your own let's play uno video! become like us! LET THE HATE FLOW!!!! but anyways yeah... UNO is awesome.
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