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Found 17 results

  1. A vertically scrolling shooter. Warning! Cheats were used in this game through! https://www.arcade-history.com/?n=samurai-aces&page=detail&id=2301 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samurai_Aces http://www.movietools.info/video-background-loops/misc-loops/item/loop-220-retro-gaming.html Video Dungeon Boss Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLj88hCMhyY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svagL53c8dk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRGFDV_yXLI Samurai Aces © 1993 Psikyo Emulator: ThunderMame32UI+ .143X Recorded and Dubbed with: Mirillis Action! 1.19.2 Text and Encoded with: Windows Live Movie Maker Edited with: NCH VideoPad Video Editor Original Upload Date: May 30, 2014
  2. zheck

    CGN Premium Membership

    Level up your Account on CGN.US with Premium! Starting on June 1st we will be offering a Premium Membership Subscription. That allows you to earn Double Orbs for every Post, View, or Reply. Free Video Games Every Month and Early Access to New Features we release. Premium Membership will cost $7.99 a Month But easily pays back two fold in the amount of Orbs you will be earning and Free Games! And it's a great way to support the programming and development of the platform! So go check it out and Level Up your CGN.US Account today! https://cgn.us/subscriptions
  3. zheck

    Withdrawing Funds

    All your money is held directly on your CGN Account and you can withdraw it anytime using Paypal. Just click the big (Withdraw Funds) button on your (Account Credit) Page. https://cgn.us/clients/credit/ Withdraws take about 24 - 48 hours to process. If you have any questions about your Withdraw simply contact us here. https://cgn.us/contact
  4. zheck

    Earning Money

    Wondering how to Earn via the CGN.US Affiliate Program?! Well it's very simple and here is how you do it! 1) Go to the Affiliate Program Page. https://cgn.us/clients/referrals/ 2) Copy your Referral link 3) Tell your Friends! 4) View your Referrals from the Affiliate Program or your Profile Page. 5) Wait for your Money! Every time someone you refer to CGN buys any form of Advertising, Video Game, or anything else from the CGN website. You earn 5% commission on the sale! And you earn that on every purchase! Leading to more Commission and more for you! We also allow you to Generate your own Custom Referral Links to any page you want! Simply go to Referrals Page and Generate a link! https://cgn.us/clients/referrals/ There you can also see all the members you have Referred to the platform!
  5. CGN.US Affiliate Program is available to Every Member the moment your Register! It allows you to Earn 5% on all Sales from Users you Refer to the Platform. If you'd like to learn more about the Affiliate Program please visit our Blog Post below! https://cgn.us/blog/records/affiliate-program/
  6. Tomorrow we will be kicking off the CGN Orb Extravaganza! An Event where over 5,000,000 Orbs will be up for grabs! Starting at 12:00 PM EST and Ending at Midnight!! Here are the things that will be going down throughout the day. 1) Double Orbs for Every View on your Content 2) Double Orbs for Every Post 3) Random Giveaways 4) And more!! We will also be offering Live Stream Challenges to Streamers throughout the day. Essentially jumping into their Live Streams, offering them a Game related challenge, based on the Game they are playing And if they complete the Challenge, they win the Orbs. Ff they don't, we double the prize and move on to the next streamer. Finally, we will be offering Orbs as Prizes during the CGN Podcast tomorrow. Starting at 7:00 PM EST!! Directly on our Twitch, Mixer, or DLive Channels. So be sure to join us and get in on the fun!! The Event starts at exactly 12:00 PM EST and last until the Very end of the Day! So come out, Earn you a lot of Orbs, Buy you some Cool Prizes from our Exchange, and Get involved with CGN.US!
  7. The CGN Podcast is Coming Back! And it's going to bigger and better than ever! Over the years, many of you may know, that CGN has ran a Podcast Where we would invite Content Creators and Developers from the Platform to have a Conversation over specific topics and ideas. And it was a great way for Users of the platform to ask questions and get a better understanding of becoming a Content Creator and allowing Developers to answer questions regarding a new game they had coming out. So we are bringing it back! With New Host! New Guest! Harder Questions! And More Games! Starting Next Week directly on CGN.US **More Details to come soon**
  8. zheck

    Club Pages are Back!

    You heard it here first folks! Club Pages are being re-released on CGN.US!! Own an E-Sports Team, Organization, or Gaming Community?!! Now you can house all their content under one roof! Because we have packed Club Pages full of awesome Features and Content! 1) Forums - Post Topics - Reply to other Topics - Pin and Feature Topics - Announcements 2) Videos - Submit Videos to your Club - Club Videos are also showcased in the Main Video Section as well 3) Calendar - Create Events - Allow Users to RSVP - Send out notifications on Event Day 4) Live Streams - A Live Stream Page that shows all Club Members - Online and Offline status - Donate, Watch, Chat, and Buy Video Games 5) Store - Sell your own personal Products directly through our website - All Money can be Withdrawn from your CGN Account. 6) Members - Page that showcases all Members - Create Groups (Admins, Mods, etc) - Bulk Messaging for Admins and Mods And many many more things that we don't even have time to mention! Clubs Pages are fully featured pages designed entirely for Communities, Orgs, and Teams. And we are releasing our BETA Tonight!! So stay tuned for an announcement to get your Club Page Created!
  9. Have you ever wanted to showcase games for Indie Developers? Do you find it hard to get responses from companies? Maybe you have a created a Video Game, but can't find Content Creators to actually showcase your Game?!! This is where we come in! CGN.US is a Social Network designed entirely for Gamers. And over the years we have showcased and Sold all kinds of Games with the help of our Content Creators. But we never felt it was enough, we wanted a better way for the Creators on our Platform to Connect with the Game Developers Help them showcase their games to a larger audience and work together. So we set out and designed something to do that I like to call "Indie Request" Indie Request, is essentially a system where Indie Developers can submit their Games to our platforms directory And CGN Partners and Affiliates can "request" Copies and Keys from said developers to showcase on their Gaming Channels. The process is very simple. As an Indie Developer you simply go to the link below. https://cgn.us/submit Fill out the form with your Game and Details and Submit it. We will then verify your information and send you an email back to get your Game up on the directory. And a brief explanation on how to approve request from Users on our Platform. For CGN Partners and Affiliates if even easier. You simply go to the link below. https://cgn.us/request Find the game you would like to showcase. Click the (Request Copy) Button. And wait for a response from the Developer. If you have any questions about this new program feel free to comment below! Or simply Contact us using the link below to ask us any questions or suggestions for the program! https://cgn.us/contact
  10. zheck

    CGN TV : New Episodes!!

    Hello CGN.US Gamers! Starting next week we will be re-opening some of our awesome Gaming Shows for CGN TV we hosted in the past on our Twitch Channel! Which include, HIT POINT, PWN3D, INDIE HOUR, POWER HOUR, AND MUCH MORE!! This has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but due to work and balancing my own personal life. I've been unable to properly run these shows. But we are finally ready to get all this up and running again. So let me give a quick synopsis of each show coming to the channel. -- PWN3D! Is a live Game Show we will be hosting through out the week. Where members of the website will be able to play directly from their computers or smart phones. -- HIT POINT! Is a Podcast showcasing new Updates coming to the CGN.US Website, Latest Trending Videos, Gamer of the Week Nominees, Interviews with CGN Users and more!! -- INDIE HOUR! Is a LIVE Show where we will be showcasing the some of the latest up and coming Indie Games and interviewing Developers/Creators of the Games. -- POWER HOUR is a show where we intend to bring Streamers from all Platforms on the CGN Website together to play games together -- Finally, we have two or three more show ideas that we will be bring to the CGN TV!! Hope you all enjoy the new content coming, and if you have any comments or questions please feel free to drop them below!
  11. Here at CGN.US, user security is something we take very seriously. That’s why we are updating our privacy policy so our members will be aware of what information we track to make you users feel more comfortable about visiting the website. Be rest assured, the exploitation of your information is something we take very seriously. The following updates are effective immediately: By accessing CGN.US, you agree that we can call you at anytime to ask you how your Cats are doing We keep your user data secure in one Excel Spreadsheet labeled "User Data" which we keep inside a folder called "Folder we keep User Data" Personal Information mined from your accounts will now be used to power a hydroelectric damn in the West Indies. Names of Users who enjoy the band Nickelback will be forwarded directly to CGN Staff so we can laugh at you. Repeatedly mixing up your and you're will result in us displaying Ads to help you learn the difference. Info listed on Dating Sites that doesn't match your Data on your CGN.US Profile will be highlighted in Yellow. If you disable GPS Tracking on your mobile device. We will find you, turn it back on, tag you, and release you back into the wild. To ensure user privacy, CGN.US must be accessed while wearing a tin foil hat. If law enforcement ever requests your data as part of a criminal investigation, we will immediately shred it and then buy you a plane ticket. If you have not explicitly told CGN.US your height and weight, we reserve the right to guess. CGN.US will never use information regarding your current location to show you more relevant content, unless there is a Wendy's nearby. In that Case we will make you aware of the closest Wendy's so you can order a delicious Baconator and Baconator Fries for the low low price of $5.99! Thank you for taking the time to read our Privacy Policy Updates, and if you have any questions. Feel free to comment below and we will be sure to never respond.
  12. I'm sure some of you are aware that Hitbox and Azubu have now come together to create a combined Streaming Platform. And the New name is https://smashcast.tv So I have a few questions for you all.... 1) Do you like the idea of Merging between Hitbox and Azubu? 2) Do you believe that between they two they can compete? 3) Should we support Smashcast Streams here on CGN? (Like we supported Hitbox and Azubu in the past) All Opinions are welcome!!
  13. CGN Partnership is Available! Over the past few months we have worked tirelessly in order to Update CGN into what you see today. And because of all this work and dedication we are now able to offer the Members a larger piece of the action! So we have released CGN Partnership and it comes with a plethora of Perks and Benefits! Apply here --- https://cgn.us/settings/partnership/ 1) Higher Commission on Sales Now that you are Partnered you earn double what the other Users Earn! 2) Discount Code Every Partnered Member on CGN can receive a Discount Code per Request! This code works on all Purchases and takes a total of 5% off! 3) Verified Tick Mark Get a dedicated Verified Tick Mark beside your name that lets everyone on CGN.US know you are a Partner! 4) Free Indie Games Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to develop relationships with Indie Devs. And one of the best things we are bringing forward is our new way of advertising and showcasing their games. By allowing you Partners to have free access to the Games so you can Live Stream and Create Video Content. 5) Custom Panel for your Streams or Website! Not only does it look cool, but it shows you are an Official Partner of CGN! 6) Custom Emojis Few weeks ago we announce that Partners will have the ability to Upload Custom Emoji Directly to the CGN.US Website that only they and the users that follow them can use! 7) Partner Only Club Page Network and Connect with other Partnered Users directly from our CGN Partner only club page. Receive Free Games, Be Updated on Events, Charity Drives, Campaigns, and much more! 8.) Tailored showcasing of Content Got a Triple Kill Clip? A Crazy No-Scope? Won a Squad Game Completely Solo? Or Broke a SpeedRun World Record? Whatever your Highlight maybe we will use them in order to better Promote and Showcase your Live Stream or Youtube Channel. 9) Exchange Orbs for Real Currency! Last Month we added a New Feature called Orbs! Which is a virtual currency here on CGN that Users earn from Views on their Content And they can spend this Virtual Currency in our Exchange on Gifts and Ads Or they Donate them to Others users on the Platform via their Profile, Stream Pages or Video Pages. As a CGN Partner you are allowed to Bank these Orbs once a week And we will exchange them for Real Currency that you can withdraw at anytime. To find out more about Orbs check out Blog post here! --> Orbs REQUIREMENTS Partnership Applications must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for review. Account Age: 1+ month Followers / Subscribers: 500+ Activity : Post at least Once a Week Earned from Affiliate Program : $1.00 Interested in being a Partner? If so, simply Apply via the Link below! https://cgn.us/settings/partnership/ Once you are Approved, you will be sent a Private Message and Email with instruction on how to get started! Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  14. Starting next week we will be starting two new Community based Video Compilation Series. That we will Feature every week on CGN.US and our Youtube Channel. 1) Game Fails 2) Game Greats These Series will consist of short Gaming Fails and Gaming Great Video Clips. Normally ranging from 10 to 15 Seconds that showcase your best Gaming Fails and or Gaming Greats Moments. And after receiving enough Clips we will create a Compilation of the best "Gaming Fails" and "Gaming Greats" to Upload to CGN and our Youtube Channel. So if you have any Clips you would like to submit for these CGN Video Series. Simply click the link below and start submitting!! https://cgn.us/videos/category/46-submissions/ We will be reviewing and approving all submissions, and if you are approved. Your Clips will be showcased in our weekly series! Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions. Feel free to comment below.
  15. As many of you all who voted last week are aware. Gamer of the Week Voting (36) has ended, and the winner was @DePemy However, during the voting, @DePemy contacted me explaining how he would be absent this week. And asked if I would place him in for the week after. I thought about it for awhile, and came to the decision that this was do-able, but I would have to remove the voting for next week. So instead of granting @DePemy the Gamer of the Week Position. I instead granted it to Gamer of the Week Runner-Up @Cupofrobots Before doing so, I emailed and Private Messaged both @Cupofrobots and @DePemy To let them know what is going on, and how this situation will be handled. Then I placed @Cupofrobots as the Winner of Gamer of the Week, for Week 36. And I have @DePemy set for Gamer of the Week winner of Week 37, and we have no voting for this week. Then I scheduled the Tweet and the CGN Post. "Congrats to our Gamer of the Week @Cupofrobots" After being viewed. This led to a fiery backlash by the community. Which makes perfect sense, because I was not able to inform you of my decisions in a timely fashion. Leading many to believe that I had chosen the winner out of pure favoritism. Which I can assure you, is not the case. I apologize for my actions, and I will do my best in the future to better inform the community of any and all decisions being made before they happen. I hope you all can forgive me, and I promise to do my best to amend for any damages I have caused between communities.
  16. Hitbox and Azubu have been combined to form! SMASHCAST.TV!! Smashcast is a new Streaming Platform powered by Hitbox and Azubu Staff Members, and according to their Blog Post. "Smashcast offers a delay-free streaming experience with resolutions up to 4K at 60fps on a newly designed, HTML5-based platform." But that's not all. The staff have also created a bunch of New Features. Some Aimed Entirely at the Esports Community. HYPE - O - METER One being, that you can see in the Image above, is the Hype-O-Meter. Essentially a Bar that allows members to Spam Emoji's that will jump across the screen while you are watching your Favorite Teams compete. Allowing for a bit of competition, as each emote will be counted into the Hype-o-Meter and will continuously shift the bar according to which fans cheer the most. FEED Allows Streamers to post and keep their viewers updates on their content. And in turn allows viewers to look up any news, previously hosted polls, uploaded VODs, esport results and more  4K VIDEO SmashCast has a new Production Studio that will allow users to Stream to 4K Video on their Platform. In their post they say it will allow them to actively provide you the highest quality esports content, produced live in Vienna. WILL CGN BE SUPPORTING SMASHCAST.TV YES! We will be supporting this platform the same as we did Hitbox and Azubu before. At this time Smashcast.tv Streams cannot be connected to your CGN Profiles, but within the next week or two We should have all the Authorization and Connectivity between your Smashcast Streaming Profiles and your CGN.US Profiles. So what do you all think of Smashcast.TV? Will you be trying it out? Be sure to leave us some comments or questions below!!
  17. As CGN continues to grow and we become larger. We are looking for any types of Suggestions you all may have to increase our Membership and Better Connect you Gamers. So if you have any please feel free to respond below!
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