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Found 33 results

  1. It's time for week two of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Open Beta and this time we get to have Cross-Play open, inviting Xbox One and PC players to join in the fun. We also get a glimpse into the Battlefield like Ground War mode which Lucas is on the fence about. -------- Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/grimm_gia
  2. Smokey getting some kills in Black Ops 4, a brief compilation of kills. Sorry for some poor quality, my uploading software messed up. Follow me on Mixer: Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming WWW.MIXER.COM Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming. er: https://www.twitter.com/smokey_devil or Join Revillution and advertise your own streams! https://www.revillution.net twitt
  3. Subscribe for more and to Enter to Win! :: http://www.youtube.com/user/DemiseGamer?sub_confirmation=1 The rumors were true! We are getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight alpha (early beta) play test for PlayStation 4. Watch to see the trailer Infinity Ward showed us at GamesCom as well as when this is going to go down! Socials ~ YouTube: Youtube.com/user/DemiseGamer ~ Mixer: Mixer.com/WSxDemise ~ Twitch: Twitch.tv/Demise_Gaming_ ~ Twitter: Twitter.com/Demise_Gaming_ ~ Facebook: Facebook.com/DemiseGaming
  4. Subscribe for more and to Enter to Win! :: http://www.youtube.com/user/DemiseGamer?sub_confirmation=1 Today we're talking about perks! This year we not only have perks for your character, but we also have perks for our weapons! We have a nice mix of fan favorites as well as some brand new ones. Along with perks, in this video we discuss the new field orders that have been causing a lot of conversation in the community! Featured: PrestigeIsKey's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PrestigeIsKey Socials ~ YouTube: YouTube.com/user/DemiseGamer ~ Mixer: Mixer.com/WSxDemise ~ Twitch: Twitch.tv/Demise_Gaming_ ~ Twitter: Twitter.com/Demise_Gaming_ ~ Facebook: Facebook.com/DemiseGaming
  5. An old gaming montage of when I used to game on COD:AW. Enjoy
  6. This is the beginning of a series I started for my cousin of us playing Call of Duty together. Hope everyone enjoys and feel free to show some love!
  7. Guess who's back in the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 (COD BO4) world. Reaper for bo3 has returned to bo4! He was in the game but in the black out mode. Now he's returned to is rightful place, multiplayer! Get ready to be terminated!
  8. We get a boss battle... kind of? I mean, bosses are supposed to be more challenging than normal bad guys right? We also find out we haven't left Florida yet as we chase down the bad guy to an airport.
  9. Lucas forgot the plot of Casino Royale, but he pretty sure it doesn't involve a shoot out in a museum.
  10. I got into a match of a hardpoint in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 (CoD Bo4) and was not expecting it to last for eternity! It would not just end! It was a complete mad house! Rage alert! Hope your ready for it!
  11. The 25th James Bond flick is on its way, so in honor of Bond, we decide to take a look at a game that Lucas believes is one of the best James Bond games that's not Golden Eye. Treyarch's Quantum of Solace.
  12. Through various seg-ways, puzzles, dungeons, set-pieces, and mission layouts, there are always those one missions that takes everyone numerous tries to complete--if they haven't given up on it already. When you just want to shove your controller up the ass of the developer for making your blood pressure rise, from sitting through such a daunting task to complete. I myself can't even begin to list the games that come to mind that have turned me over to the dark side with just one mission. I guess the point of the game is to be challenging, but it's like they sometimes shoe-horn these kinds of missions in at the last moment and then give them unnecessary conditions that make them difficult. Sometimes you even have to face them after going through an entire mission prior to that one with the same health and barely any health boosters or items to assist you. Other missions, for me personally, are only hard because of the time restraints, or they want you to finish a certain amount of a specific task before you reach a destination or else you're fucked. The only way to beat those missions are to strategize with the layout (eg: the amount of enemies, the enemy formations, the setting, and which abilities will be needed the most in a given part of it). For example, I'm sure everyone by now is familiar with the term, "All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ." It's like the highest form of defeat as it relates to a trailing mission. What about on Devil May Cry 3 when you have to face Arkham as that big demon blog looking shit and you have to fight it like twice back to back with the same amount of health? It's that kind of fuckery that makes you sit there and wonder why the game wanted to test you that much. As previously mentioned, my worst enemy is time. I remember back when I played Simpsons: Hit & Run, the final mission, or something like that, was to take the canister from the power plant and take them all the way across town and have it beamed up to the alien space ship before time depleted. Needless to say, fuck that mission and fuck those aliens. It would probably be a much simpler task to me now, but back then it was top tier gaming difficulty. Or when I would play the Crash racing games and could never beat a certain racer because their car was zooted up on all kinds of shit that you didn't have for Crash, but you would have to study the map a few times just to win it. I also remember back when I played through Uncharted 2 and I got to that part where the blue possessed, cursed people or whatever had came out and they were mad overpowered and I had like no ammo to fend for myself really, plus the support was being pretty useless. On that note, the same thing happened on on The Last Of Us, when I was on the part where that creeper starts chasing you around in the diner as you play with Ellie. It was damn near impossible to beat on the harder difficulty. The list goes on and on because the hardest mission doesn't even have to relate to a boss or time restraints or handicaps, it can be literally anything. There are obviously games out there designed to fuck people over, like Dark Souls or that one game where you play as the little cube and then hop across platforms to avoid vanquishing and having to start all the way over (Probably should of done research on it before mentioning it here, but this is all just from the mind), but there's many games out there like that one anyway that are indie-based. Additionally, since everyone has a game that gave them migraines in the time of excelling past that point, I would also like to know what game is universally hard for every gamer. Like, is there a game mission that absolutely no gamer can pass on the first attempt or even the first few attempts? Some games have the intention of never being beatable, but many people find ways of exploiting that overtime. It's be interested to see which ones you all come up with. More importantly though, which game mission is the hardest to beat and why? Comment!
  13. So what's everyone's favorite fps of all time? Mine would have to be Call of Duty WAW at the moment, although Call of Duty WWII looks interesting.
  14. The beta has been going on since Thursday, and I have played a couple of hours. I gotta say that I'm enjoying it. It feels like the old classic Call of Duty feeling. A lot more slower paced. I'm looking forward to playing this in November. Who else has played the beta? What are you thoughts on it?
  15. This past week at E3, Call of Duty WW2's multiplayer was showcased, and also popular CoD YouTuber's uploaded some gameplay footage of multiplayer. What are your thoughts on it? In my opinion, it looks like a great game. I felt like it looked a lot like a remasterd World at War, but besides that I cannot wait to try and play the beta this August.
  16. So what's everyone's favorite fps of all time? Mine would have to be Call of Duty WAW at the moment, although Call of Duty WWII looks interesting.
  17. Hey guys, so I'm trying to kinda start a twitter hashtag thang going on for my brothers and sisters on that CoD grind. Now I've noticed that there are lots of #'s for growing streams and video's (#supportsmallstreamers for example) but nothing really specific to Call of Duty, so I'm kinda hoping to change that. #CoDContentShare It's something that I doubt will take off, but I'm going with it anyway. So if you guys are tweeting updates on your videos, streams, articles and ting please use it. I figure it'd be nice to find content from fellow CoD creators at the click of a button, and as well as that... We all already know its networking with other content creators that get us growing the fastest! So, please consider it. At the very least, I'll be following so it'll be a sure fire way to get my attention so bare it in mind. Love you ALL!
  18. Hey all! Me and a good friend are hosting a joint giveaway on our channels with some call of duty and uncharted prizes! You could win a Black Ops 2 headset and history of black ops book or an Uncharted Loot Crate filled with goodies such as a poster, scarf, T-shirt and more! If you want to take part just check out my video for the rules https://youtu.be/l3vJwDbyHrs Thanks and good luck!
  19. https://www.twitch.tv/poisonenforcer https://www.twitch.tv/poisonenforcer https://www.twitch.tv/poisonenforcer https://www.twitch.tv/poisonenforcer COMECHILL
  20. i swear 85% of the community doesnt use a mic, and the other percentage of people use a mic but are in party chat. It gets kinda boring playing an online multiplayer game with no one to communicate with. To me that's part of the fun, talking to others, maybe some trash talk.. Might as well only play FFA since thats 1v1v1v1v1v1. I really wanna take my hand in some competative COD but its really hard to when you cant find anyone to play with. Am I the only one that feels like this? Also if you have PS4 add me ( CG_TeDdYbEaR )
  21. So close to 250 Followers! www.twitch.tv/ryndenlothfolk Live now with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3!
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