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  1. It's Time for Metroid Monday!!! We will be starting a new game, Metroid Fusion! My personal favorite in the series! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  2. It's time for Final Fantasy Friday!!! Lets continue this wonderful adventure in Final Fantasy VI with full voice overs!!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  3. Once again its time for more The Guardian Legend TGL mode! hopefully I can complete a run tonight! Still aiming for sub 53! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  4. It's Wife Wednesday! We will be continuing to grow our farm in Stardew Valley! Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  5. It's #NESMaker Tuesday!!! Time to continue working on the T-Cat's Adventure #NES game! Working on some level design and maybe a title screen! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  6. It is time for Metroid Monday!!!!! With 2 batteries left to find, it's almost time to take down Dark Samus once and for all!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  7. It is time for more The Guardian Legend TGL mode PB attempts! My goal for tonight is sub 53! Will it be achieved... http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  8. Its time for #NESMaker Tuesday! Will be working on more sprites and hopefully get working on the cut scenes tonight! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  9. It's time for Metroid Monday!!!!! Going after the pirate seed and hopefully come face to face with Dark Samus once and for all!!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  10. Had a great Mar10 stream with the family! We all were able to finish our paintings and play some Mario!


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  11. It's time for Family Mario Fun Time! We will have Mario painting and Mario games!! Will also be ending the night with Mario anime on http://rabb.it ! http://Twtich.tv/T1shero 

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  12. It is time for more Final Fantasy Friday!!!! Will be continuing the wonderful adventure in FFVI with voice overs!!!!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  13. I did not get the sub 53 like I wanted, but I still ended up getting the World Record!!! Let's see how long that will last..


    TGL Mode.jpg

  14. Its time for The Guardian Legend once again! I will be running TGL mode and aiming for sub 53! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  15. It's Wife Wednesday!!!! We are going on round 2 for Ice Climber's Co-op!! We are trying for sub 50 tonight! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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