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  1. It's Final Fantasy Friday!!! Will be continuing Final Fantasy 7 journey! Let's see where the world takes us. 100% Voice Overs! Everyone gets a voice! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero

  2. +It's time for some The Guardian Legend 100% Runs!! Let's pray for that PB or better yet WR! http://twitch.tv/T1shero

  3. It's Time for Wife Wednesday!!!!! We will hopefully be wrapping up Secret of Mana tonight!!!  http://Twitch.tv/T1shero

  4. Happy Tuesday everyone! I recently submitted Kirby's Adventure No Ability to NLSS so I decided I wanna run it for fun! Maybe a new PB or maybe not. http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  5. Woah It's that time already! Mario Monday!!!!! Doing some more Mario Maker 2 Viewer Levels (!add XXX-XXX-XXX) Send some great stuff my way! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  6. It's Final Fantasy Friday!!!! Will be hunting down Yufi for stealing all of our Magitek.... Why did she do it?! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero  100% Voice overs! Even the NPC's have voices!

  7. It's back! The Guardian Legend Thursdays! I think I have had a long enough break so let's grind out 100% and hope we can come out on top! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero  200 Follower goal has been met! Will keep posted about 24 hour stream when I have more info

  8. It's time for Wife Wednesday!!!!!! We will continue our journey in Secret of Mana and hopefully reach the end game! Wish us luck!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero  1 more follows until 24 hour stream!!!

  9. It is time for some more Mario Maker 2 Viewer levels! Come give me something fun to play or some hot garbage, but not to much garbage.. (!add) is activated! 3 more followers until 24 hour stream!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  10. It's Mario Monday!!!! Will be playing some Mario Maker 2 Viewer levels! I finally got the !add command working for quick and easy adds!! Only 6 more followers until 24 hour stream! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  11. It's time for Final Fantasy Friday!!!! I need to remember where I need to go and what I need to do... Let's go and find our way! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero  100% full voice overs!

  12. It's time for Wife Wednesday Makeup day! We will be pushing trough Secret of Mana to try to get as close to the end as possible! We got this!!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  13. Good Morning! It is time for Speedrun Training! I will be teaching my 2 kids how to Kirby's Adventure No Abilities! The goal is to have a submitted run before the end of the summer! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  14. T1shero


  15. Happy Tuesday everyone! I am live with Kirby's Adventure No Abilities! Getting ready for tomorrow's Speed Run Training KANA with the Kids! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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