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  1. Going live with some Division 2! 🍭

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  2. Live playing my addiction: Division 2! Come through! 

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  3. Live on this chill Sunday playing some Division 2

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    1. SixColourz


      I love that game!

  4. going live soon! 🍭

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  5. Good Afternoon everyone! Hope everyone has a really good day and amazing streams!

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  6. , CGN 083dc8ddcc766557d64998ac693e870f

    Who Wants a FREE Game?!
    Simply Re-share and Reply below to Enter!
    Will announce the winner at 10:00 PM EST!


    free game.png

  7. A sweet mixer streaming who loves shooters, racing, and story based games. Come through the Sweet Factory for a sweet time!
  8. SweetEvie

    Sweetness has arrived!

    Hey everyone! The name is SweetEvie and have a love for all things sweet! Been streaming for a year now and been loving it. I mainly play shooters but I do love to play racing/story based games as well. You can find me on Xbox: Sweet Evie 33 and Mixer: SweetEvie. Come through The Sweet Factory. I found CGN on Twitter and decided to join in. I look forward to meeting the community here.
  9. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


    1. Ikacake


      Welcome to CGN!

      Feel free to ask questions if u need help the Support button is on the bottom right cover!

      Also, be sure to stop by the introduction’s forum:  https://cgn.us/forums/forum/87-introductions/  

      To make an introduction!!!


      Be sure to connect your stream to your profile.
      Link below!