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    Hey hey sunshines!  Dare to enter the "House-Of-Fun"?  Watch out for the Tiny-Brocks!


    Welcome all travelers to my channel, here you shall find a all that you seek. Here we seek to entertain all who venture into our little home.



    I'm BB_NotYourWaifu. I'm a partnered variety streamer on Mixer & I do stream FULL TIME.  I stream a lot of BR, FPS,RPG, Simulation, & Horror games. 
    Join the fun at https://www.mixer.com/bb_notyourwaifu 
    Come hangout with us on discord https://www.discord.gg/bbnotyourwaifu
    I'm also giving away some super awesome stuff on PlayrGG, ask me about it in stream for info!



    Daily streams, mostly Fortnite, but other games creep in, now and again...


    A community based streamer! I buy new games every two weeks and play them upon request! Super excited for all the adventures that will be coming soon! Thanks for checking me out! If you feel obligated I’d appreciate the follow! I’m so close to smashing my 300 goal! 

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