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    Hello All, 
     A little bit about me is I live in the great state of Texas, I am a United States Navy Veteran who served for 5 1/2 years as a Master At Arms (Military Police), I was stationed in Bahrain, Cuba, and Japan with a 6-month deployment to Iraq in 2008. I have always been into gaming ever since I was a little kid going all the way back to Duck Hunt. I prefer to play RPG's and FPS games as they provide the most enjoyment to myself. My goal is to create a stream where people can come by and enjoy the content they are viewing and make this my permanent career. If you are enjoying the stream and would like to tip I have added a donate sticker below, all proceeds will go to the streams growth and development. I am happy to have everyone and look forward to meeting you all!



    Whats up guys im new to the streaming world but here to try an entertain you! if you like what you see head over to mixer and read my description!




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