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    Hey hey everyone!! My name is ScatterBrainz and my I have been a gamer my whole life. I recently started stream about three months ago because I believe I bring awesome entertainment value! I love having fun and play all sorts of Video games but I mainly prefer SCI-FI and of course Star Wars!! My main game that I stream 3 out of the 7 days of the week is Star Wars Battlefront 2. I love everything about Star Wars and played every game you can think of with a Star Wars name on it. 
    The favorite thing I enjoy about Streaming now, is that I get to meet new people! I get to enjoy new atmospheres and all new cultures and mainly has been the most exciting thing about the stream life. All about having fun!! 
    I am not a pro player nor do I ever want to be a pro player. I enjoy gaming for the gameplay and sometimes, I do have my moments where I even surprise myself but my content is all about the laughs and having fun. Talk about anything, joke about everything and even a good roast session! 
    If you want to have a good time or want to just chat, come on down to MIxer.com/ScatterBrainz and chill with us! You will have a fun time I guarantee it!! 



    Hello! Everyone, My name is CuzinT Aka Trevor. I am FPS/TPS/MMORPG/Sports gamer. I have literally been gaming my whole life. I was very competitive and within the Pro circuit for multiple games/years on the xbox 360 platform and PC platform. From Halo, GOW and COD on Xbox to Smite,LOL and CS-Go. Since dropping out of the competitive scene I took a few years off to work on my own education and ended up being signed, and about half way done my apprenticeship for Industrial Mechanic Millwright. Since I have had a stop in that industry due to lack of years of experience, I have decided to give all the time I can back to gaming community that I can when not working full-time. I just turned 26 and have a huge passion towards helping this community grow!


    Come one come all! Lets have some fun, get wrecked and wreck!


    Going live in 30 mins with some EverQuest 2.  Hope to see you there!

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