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    Hiya! names LegitD! 
    Proud and loud CGN PARTNER

    Been loving my time on twitch ever since I started a few years ago, a supporter in my discord told me about CGN and after a lot of reading on the perks I signed up.
    got partner within a few weeks of being here, I just love chatting and meeting new people so it works well for me!

    My streams are kind of a mix of games, I do solo adventures and hang out with friends and people on my Discord, just love a good game brugh! 
    Love a good horror show! and love a good reading of a visual novel (I suck at reading so makes it even better).

    Here is a few Twitch clips of my streams to see what its all about!

    CORPSE PARTY - I don't even know 

    WELCOME TO THE GAME - Second scare of the day! 
    TOWER UNITE - friend gets close! 

    SEA OF THIEVES - Sadness 



    Come one come all! Lets have some fun, get wrecked and wreck!

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