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    My name is Purvisaurus Rex, or just Rex for short.  I'm a community streamer on Twitch.  I play a lot of Smite, Realm Royale and Friday the 13th with some single player story driven games thrown in to round things out.  I try to focus on community building through positivity and good vibes.  All of the multiplayer games I stream, I am willing and able to play with my viewers.


    Let me start off by saying thank you so much for coming by. I go by the name of Six Colourz. No, I’m not going to explain lol, but it’s probably not what you think. I am a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate in the United States Navy. I am a mother of 2 beautiful (annoying) boys lol. I love performing Poetry and Spoken Word. I am also a Motivational Speaker, and I enjoy lifting the spirits of others. However, that’s not really why you’re here. You are here, because I am also a gamer. I created this channel to bring all my passions together. Music/Poetry/Gaming can be in once place. That place is here. If you know someone that has any sort of talent they are willing to share with us here at Club Six, let them know that we are offering free Interviews on our Podcast "Club Six Radio". Either way, welcome again! I hope you enjoy, and you come back soon! 
    I believe that we can all make it, but that we should do it together. There is no reason why we can't. I always say this to ever single person that I come in contact with: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!"



    I stream mobile games mostly. Come on in and hangout!


    Hello! Everyone, My name is CuzinT Aka Trevor. I am FPS/TPS/MMORPG/Sports gamer. I have literally been gaming my whole life. I was very competitive and within the Pro circuit for multiple games/years on the xbox 360 platform and PC platform. From Halo, GOW and COD on Xbox to Smite,LOL and CS-Go. Since dropping out of the competitive scene I took a few years off to work on my own education and ended up being signed, and about half way done my apprenticeship for Industrial Mechanic Millwright. Since I have had a stop in that industry due to lack of years of experience, I have decided to give all the time I can back to gaming community that I can when not working full-time. I just turned 26 and have a huge passion towards helping this community grow!


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