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    who are we ? well we are all slam videos if we are honest, just good friends kicking about in video games, haaving fun, after all thats what games are all about isnt it ? well... that and the pure humliation of your bestie kicking your ass 🙂 oh... and did i mention we're on mixer too!! 


    I'm BB_NotYourWaifu. I'm a partnered variety streamer on Mixer & I do stream FULL TIME.  I stream a lot of BR, FPS,RPG, Simulation, & Horror games. 
    Join the fun at https://www.mixer.com/bb_notyourwaifu 
    Come hangout with us on discord https://www.discord.gg/bbnotyourwaifu
    I'm also giving away some super awesome stuff on PlayrGG, ask me about it in stream for info!



    Welcome to Msdjquietstorm’s house party. This is a variety stream where you’ll see various game play, live dj sets, and a great atmosphere. I’m excited and looking forward to building a great community.


    My name's Chris, i'm 29 and am a variety streamer. I'll play any game thats put in front of me, from tiny indie demo's from one man studios, to the latest AAA hypetrain, and everything in between. If you enjoy a laid back community where everyone is welcome, be you a lurker or a chatter, come check out the channel


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