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    Streaming apex legends so I can upload it to YouTube www.twitch.tv/monkeyboy9872


    Hiya! names LegitD! 
    Just wanted to try adding my twitch page to this for once, not currently live but try to be a few days a week for some good time! 
    Been doing a lot of dark souls and Visual Novel readings its always a laugh! 
    not too sure if i could add twitch videos so here is 

    Your Dry Delight - Part 1
    let me know what you think! 


    My name is Christopher I've been a gamer since Nintendo I'm 30 years old and this is my hobby so please come and join me on this amazing ride. 
    I mainly play multiplayer but I also do single player streams
    So if you like to support the channel please hit the follow button thank you and God bless 

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