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    We're Jared & Tiffany, best friends for over 7 years.
    We don't just stream, its a show. We focus on providing quality entertainment from start to finish each and every stream.
    We have a great and inclusive community and we focus on responding to chat and engaging with our audience!
    We do more than just Twitch, like podcasts, so if you want to learn more check out UpDownLeftDie.com or join our Discord: discord.me/udld


    School Part time and I need to kill time for the rest. Love gaming and love to share my psychotic moments in any game I can afford. I mainly play SMITE, Heroes, Overwatch, and Dead by Daylight. I play other games randomly. No schedule, no events, just me playing whenever I can. Take a look!..^^



    I love gaming and streaming! I love the community part of it even more. Everyone is welcome to my channel and we have a nice little community going so far where you can just be yourself. Don't be afraid to come by and say hi sometime! 
    Streaming schedule as of now: Tuesday - Friday - 2 PM PST
                                                Saturday - Sunday - 7:30 PM PST


    'm an old school ex-competitive Ghost Recon/Rainbow Six player. You will mostly find me playing some form of a shooter. However, its all about having fun and I'll try any game that sparks my interest.
    Be sure to check out my other streams/videos: youtube.com/SkullyOnline


    Casual streamer of hundreds of games, with a relaxing and laidback chat!

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