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Pre-Roll Advertising

Want to Run a Pre-Roll Advertisement in front of all Live Stream and Videos on CGN.US?  
Now you can! With our Pre-Roll Advertisements!

What you Receive

1) Pre-Roll Ad

Have your 15 to 30 Second Advertisement be shown before all videos and live streams from the Creators on our platform.

2) Guaranteed Clicks and Impressions

We Guarantee that you will receive every Click or Impression for your Ad Campaign.
You Get Exactly what you pay for, and if your Advertisement is performing well we will provide you an increase of 5% for no charge!



3) Social Media Advertising

CGN.US is all about Social Networking, and when you purchase a Package from us we always take time to spread the word about you throughout Social Media. It's just a nice way of us showing that we care about getting your name out there.

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