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  1. For those who want free stuff in #SeaOfThieves check out 


    Prepare for a pirate clash of epic proportions! We’ve joined forces with Twitch Rivals to bring you a series of unforgettable Arena contests featuring some of the biggest names and toughest pirates to ever sail the Sea of Thieves.

     - its about to go live!! 


  2. Our main focus is the YouTube Channel: Spectrum Gamer Family SPECTRUMGAMER.COM Welcome to the Spectrum Gamer Family channel, SpectrumGamerET is our son Ethan we also call SGKid - I'm SGDad also RobTinBC on Twitter. As a family we like m... Please come and subscribe:https://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe and click the notification bell to get notified of new content If you like want we do and want to throw us some change to support us: Page not found - Spectrum Gamer Family SPECTRUMGAMER.COM Our Steam page is at Steam Community :: Spectrum Gamer Family SPECTRUMGAMER.COM http://www.spectrumgamer.com http://www.caaboh.me We have a discord: Join the SpectrumGamerET Discord Server! SPECTRUMGAMER.COM Check out the SpectrumGamerET community on Discord - hang out with 3 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. And some other places to find and follow us: Spectrum Gamer Family (@ASpectrumGamer) on Twitter SPECTRUMGAMER.COM StreamElements SPECTRUMGAMER.COM The Ultimate All in One Platform for Streamers Twitch SPECTRUMGAMER.COM Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming SPECTRUMGAMER.COM Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming. -- Watch live at
  3. Our main focus is the YouTube Channel: https://spectrumgamer.com/youtube Please come and subscribe:https://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe and click the notification bell to get notified of new content If you like want we do and want to throw us some change to support us: https://spectrumgamer.com/tip Our Steam page is at https://spectrumgamer.com/steam We have a discord: https://spectrumgamer.com/discord And some other places to find and follow us: https://spectrumgamer.com/twitter https://spectrumgamer.com/streaming https://spectrumgamer.com/twitch https://spectrumgamer.com/mixer https://spectrumgamer.com/itchio
  4. It's my #Birthday and I am working but I got my Morning #SoTRush in and will probably play #seaofthieves later at lunch time! Welcome to another Mini Game of Sea Of Thieves Rush, a way to play the open-world PvE in Sea Of Thieves with a very small window of time! Rules/Premise (updated) : * 30 minutes (set a timer) (Or use a custom time depending on your window of time available) * I usually play Single player on a Sloop but open to groups * Spawn on an outpost * You have to board your ship immediately and take only what you can carry in the trip to the ship. * No back and forth loading * leave to an island and find something to hand in and it can include going to multiple islands. * being stopped by a megalodon or Kraken and getting loot and taking it back is allowed * the ship must be intact at the outpost/seapost and no leaks at hand in time * hand it in before the timer quits * optional back to the ship and ring the bell to signal completion of the game. * post it online with #sotrush #bemorepirate #sotrush for the community to watch. ### Variants Try a single player on a larger ship, vary the time to whatever time window you have and vary the difficulty but define the parameters before you start and post them with the video and whether you fail or succeed. Multiplayer means it's likely easier to achieve the goal so vary the difficulty and time, it's so flexible, even adding a skill fort and extending your timeframe and crew compliment but make it so it's challenging. Instead of going to an island change it to killing a meg or sinking a skelly ship and handing in the loot. It can be fun to add this to your Sea of Thieves experience to shake it up a bit, dare I say just playing the same grind night after night can become stale and we are all waiting for the April 30th release to breath some new life into the game and enrich the experience and these challenges for rush will still apply, and you can add catch 3 fish at an island and take them to a sea post and hand in as the challenge, times games just add that extra urgency and adrenalin to the game and small things like trimming the sales to keep them optimal can be a win or lose tactic.! I don't own the rights so it's open to making your own but would love to see the results with #sotrush Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at [https://www.twitch.tv/spectrumgameret](https://www.twitch.tv/spectrumgameret) SoT Font generator: [https://fontmeme.com/sea-of-thieves-f...](https://fontmeme.com/sea-of-thieves-f...) -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/spectrumgameret Spectrum Gamer Family @ASpectrumGamer YT:(link: http://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe) spectrumgamer.com/subscribe Discord:(link: http://spectrumgamer.com/discord) spectrumgamer.com/discord Mixer:(link: https://mixer.com/SpectrumGamerFamily) mixer.com/SpectrumGamerF… Site:(link: http://spectrumgamer.com) spectrumgamer.com Victoria, British Columbia youtube.com/c/RobTurner captain,sea of theives,sea of thieves update today,new sea of thieves update,sea of thives,joe neate,rare ltd,PvE,SOTRUSH,#SOTRUSH,black,powder,stashes,arena,tall tales,fishing,shelley preston,falcore,captain,pirate,pve,update,dev,anniversary,official,patch,latest,gem,mermaid,kraken,meg,megalodon,new,developer,chest,gold,souls,skulls,how to,lore,pirate lord,row boat
  5. We are learning new skills here in the SGFamily house so we can bring more game characters, more life, humor and fun to our channel! We hope you will come and Join Us! http://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe Spectrum Gamer Family Twitter: @ASpectrumGamer YT:http://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe Discord:http://spectrumgamer.com/discord Mixer:https://mixer.com/SpectrumGamerFamily … Site:http://spectrumgamer.com Channel URL: youtube.com/c/RobTurner
  6. Monday Morning!! 8AM and its Sea Of Thieves RUSH time! Im back to streaming it to Twitch spectrumgameret and then Exporting it to youtube, the YouTube Channel @ http:spectrumgamer.com/subscribe is my main focus to get to the level of being something my Son can take over later in like if he is wanting to do so. Spectrum Gamer Family can be found at: Twitter: @ASpectrumGamer YT:http://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe Discord:http://spectrumgamer.com/discord Mixer:https://mixer.com/SpectrumGamerFamily … Site:http://spectrumgamer.com Victoria, British Columbia youtube.com/c/RobTurner
  7. I love this challenging game, I remember some of my physics/engineering from school and like past and know triangles are strong shapes in building, I have a good grasp in physics I like to think having read in Search of Schrodingers cat but... well we can all make mistakes, sometimes however lives can depend on getting it right.
  8. #SoTRush mini-game on the Sea Of Thieves - Fun one for a Monday!
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