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  1. #SoTRush on a #TGIF Day!! - Sea Of Thieves in a short time! Hunters Call Rep!
  2. Halloween Episode: 30 minutes of the life of Pirate! #SoTRush
  3. Sea Of Thieves: Rush! Monday after the Copper Keg Servers Takeover! Thanks, Krottuk!!! I was thinking about the Server Take Over and the so-called "RUBBER BANDING", As well as the server age I think allot of rubber banding was due to people from all geographies with different network latency trying to keep synchronized. Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game from Rare studios. The game was in Closed Beta late January 2018 and was released on March 20, 2018. The game is currently available at Amazon and the Xbox Store, as well as other retailers. Cross-platform play is available thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere (Windows 10 Anniversary Edition or later is required). Overview Players are a part of a pirate crew of up to 4 people who roam the seas in hopes of finding treasure. Along the way, you'll encounter other pirates and engage in epic battles on the sea and land or join forces to make more money. The game is very stylized and set in the golden age of sailing and pirate-lore. The game's biggest attraction is its multiplayer feature that allows you and your friends to team up and become a crew of a ship. Engage in naval combat and explore the open waters of this exciting new game! Gameplay Set in the first-person perspective, you'll be tasked with navigating a ship, shooting a rifle, repairing, and hordes of other tasks to keep yourself and crew alive. There is no class system! You choose how you play and what your goals are; Whether it be plundering treasures, declaring war on everything you see or becoming a pirate legend. Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
  4.  Had a great #SoTRush this morning! Lots of fun! Took a look at the fort too! 

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  5. We all love a good mystery but I am always a skeptic going on a ghost hunt and look for the logical but I was intrigued by this and so we went on a Thursday Ghost Hunt instead of the #SoTRush and it was creepy and we put some things together - We found at least 3 bodies - In the temple cave up top, they worshiped 'fire' had numerous skulls on the Altar - Directly underneath Altar in the only cave with glowing mushrooms the upturned key painted on the ritual skull on the stalagtight - odd how its the only tunnel with the glowing mushrooms on the whole island. Now I have more questions... I have also seen that ritual skull on one other island and want to say, Thieves Haven? Fire is coming, the ancients on the island worship fire, connection? Can we still get a ritual skull in-game and would it let us interact with skull in the cave opening a new area?? If there are ritual skulls on the island perhaps it's not a ghost but actually an order of souls mystic and if so, maybe other islands with the ritual skull will start having odd activity, maybe another or same Order of Souls woman will be visible on that island and they are working on summoning or something like that? The group I run FYI is: Vancouver Island Supernatural | Paranormal Research & Investigation Group VANISLESUPERNATURAL.CA Paranormal Research & Investigation Group Crooks Hollow,Falcore's Ghost,Ghost Hunt,Sea Of Thieves Ghost,Sea Of Thieves Ghost Hunt,Crooks Hollow Ghost,Crooks Hollow Ghost Sighting,sea of thieves,captain falcore,sea of thieves falcore,sea of thieves adventure,crooks hollow,fort of the damned,sea of thieves ghost,crooks hollow ghost,haunting,haunting of crooks hollow,crooks hollow ghost hunt,falcore gaming sea of thieves,ritual skull sea of thieves,sea of thieves bald lady
  6. #OrangeShirtDay Stream - Remember mistakes in Canadian Education History
  7. #OrangeShirtDay Stream - Remember mistakes in Canadian Education History#OrangeShirtDay Stream - Remember mistakes in Canadian Education History
  8. Dreadnought - Big ass flying ships! FREE to PLAY
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