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  1. Join me and the scare fest crew Jan.13th at 7pm EST Live on twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/scarem1

    Scare Fest is an interactive universe where YOU are the star -  CAW Style  

    VoD starting at 2pm EST

    JAN.6TH SFW 2K18 STARTS.jpg

  2. @Scarem1thank you so much for the follow, I really appreciate it.

  3. Going live in 20 mins on twitch playing WOW




  4. I am up for #GamerOfTheWeek on #CGN Feel free to vote for who you want to win! Click the link below to VOTE!! Good Luck everyone @KW_erion @HeathenKings @HeathenKingsHK @Scarem1 @TeamNerdStar



    2017-12-05 19_20_49-Gamer of the Week (54) - Announcements - CGN.png

  5. Tonight's Stream Plan is getting closer to launch for #WWE2K18 
    AT 7pm EST
    We will be creating Lady Superstars Tonight! 
    Follow Now-

    Copy of Social Media – Untitled Design (4).jpg

  6. Schedule for the upcoming week. I hope everyone enjoys there holiday !  Short Stream week.


    Resident Evil  5 Final Part May be postponed until next week <3 


    Tuesday aka tomorrow's  - Game Is  a Surprise  

    Wed- Will be 7 days to die with @kattatonia and friends/ whoever else ends up joining at 6:30pm! (EST) 

    Saturday will be WWE Creations for 2k18! 


    PS: I may try somethhing a little different AKA A bonus stream ! We will see how busy the week is :)


    Follow for the latest updates! 






    1. kattatonia


      So excited for this!!! <3

  7. Thanks everyone for an epic stream - I am hoping to post a schedule tomorrow! It might be a little different with the holiday week coming up! 

    I know I won't be live Thursday or Friday for sure!

    Saturday will remain tentative 

    Follow for the latest updates! 




      https://scarem1.tumblr.com/  https://www.

    twitch.tv/scarem1  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/scarem1 

  8. Tomorrow Stream plan at 2pm EST!

    RE5 Part 4 Playthrough 





    Follow now So you dont miss out!


  9. Many thanks for the follow!


    So Far here are my stream plans for the week! More will most likely be added later in the week.

    On the radar is Finishing RE5 with Squilotv

    Completing Layers Of Fear 

    Starting Fatal Frame ( after those games are complete) 

    NEW GAME! 7 Days To Die- I am streaming this for the 2nd week in a row- I am loving it and I hope you are too


    OUR MAIN FOCUS- Current focus is getting everything up and running for WWE 2k18! 


    Follow NOW- twitch.tv/scarem1







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