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  1. , CGN 06df67ab4216e7737c2d3ea65867ef8b

    Re-share and LIKE this Post to enter our Giveaway!

    For a Copy of The Evil Within 2! Winner will be announced Monday!!



    the evil within 2 large.jpg

  2. , CGN e0cf0713009c040be7cff86cd4be57be

    Re-share and LIKE this Post to enter our Giveaway!

    For a Copy of Overwatch! Winner will be announced Monday on Christmas!!!


    south park vid.gif

  3. @Scarem1thank you so much for the follow, I really appreciate it.

  4. , CGN d6ce7e4629eb7f2734efc8d38baf271d

    Giving away a Copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
    All you have to do is Re-share and LIKE the post here on CGN!! 
    Winner will be announced Saturday our Twitch and Mixer Streams!!



    elder scrolls screenshot.jpg

  5. Many thanks for the follow!

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  6. , CGN 1b8817c28355f9ad3c2fb0809bb1fb88

    We will announce the winner this Saturday!!

  7. , CGN 216d2abb586be580ba48b8a3feec4b78

    Join us this Saturday as we play Metro Conflict

    Live on the CGN Power Hour this Saturday at 7:00 PM EST!!

    https://twitch.tv/cgndotus or https://mixer.com/cgndotus 

    metro conflict.jpg

  8. , kattatonia 1e574442b1b41fcf0d2656239d6ca804

    LIVE now with some #7DaysToDie come on over and say hi!! https://www.twitch.tv/kattatonia


  9. , big_crazy_ape a44d451d97d1bb2651c4fb85e471756a

    Going to War on COD WW2 https://twitch.tv/big_crazy_ape BCA GOING TO WAR YALLS!!!!

  10. , PyroTheReaper 03a70ab14b103198dc64d063b0641ca3

    Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate's life is for me! That is right lads and lasses Black Flag won the poll! (I'm not surprised lol) Get your cutlass, grab your grog and lets board the ship because we have a journey to go on! https://www.twitch.tv/pyrothereaper assassins-creed-iv-black-flag-standard-edition_pdp_3840x2160_en_WW.jpg.1751ef464a0b85eecb07375357519eda.jpg

  11. Thanks for following me! :)

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  12. This is happening tonight 



    Week 2 July 29th Match Card-
    Match 1: Sam VS Richard Match 2: Handicap Squilotv VS Peanut & Salad Sumpreme Match 3: Triple threat Steel Care- Contender Match: Scarem vs Mistress vs Rob Match 4: Ashley Vs Mortis ( title shot if Mortis wins) Matc 5: Tag Team Title : Don & Con vs Vensen & Boulder Match 6: 6 man Elimination Chamber: (Hardcore Contender) Solder vs Crazie vs Luvamal vs Joker vs realist vs Sonic Match 7: Sub Title Shot match: Fatal 4-way Exteme Rules- Patrix vs Sub vs Jay vs Boulder Match 8: TLC Mendoza vs Boungo vs Sirpwn

    , Scarem1 969e4b4bcc736454367538d264402cb2

    Join me tomorrow at 7pm EST for week 2 of Scare Fest Wrestling 




    week 2.png

  13. Hey @Scarem1 i join your discord

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    1. SorceressScarem


      Thanks for the follow and for joining :)

    2. Venom1998ert19

  14. , big_crazy_ape cb1b7405fffc8def8ae43717c27a4280

    Going live on Until Dawn! Let's get this spooky madness under way!! https://twitch.tv/big_crazy_ape

  15. , big_crazy_ape 925247da125870a5183a5005eff13c2b

    going live on some Sleeping Dogs! Come with your bowl of Lucky Charms and enjoy! :Dhttps://twitch.tv/big_crazy_ape