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  1. Been really sick the past few days (Of course after the holiday) so haven't streamed. I'll hop back to it as soon as I'm better. 😧 

    1. leftunder


      i hope u get better sora ^_^   get well soon ;3

  2. Going live soon with Dark Souls 3 again! Come watch me fail and have more misadventures! https://mixer.com/MistaFolgahs 

  3. Going live on Dark Souls 3 at 8:30pm central time!  Come join me on mixer! https://mixer.com/MistaFolgahs

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  4. Live now with Dark Souls 3! 

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  5. Going to stream Dark Souls 3 tonight at 8:30 or 9:00 pm central on Mixer. Should make a game out of every time I will die. 

  6. About to stream some badly played GTA Online. 

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  7. Gonna try out CoStreaming with the BF! Catch us on Mixer. See how bad I am at GTA! 

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  8. It's time for some good ol' Skyrim and Mod tryouts. I'm going to see what this fanmade NPC "Inigo" is all about. 

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  9. Lets go back to some cowboy shootn'! 

  10. Streaming on Mixer now! MONSTER HUNTER WORLD! https://mixer.com/MistaFolgahs I'd post the stream on here but it won't let me. 😞

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    2. SoraTami


      Ohhh thank you! So where would it show my stream? Sorry, last question. 😌

    3. zheck


      On the Streams page, everyone is shown there.

      You stream page should also be linked directly to your profile as well.

      You can find it by going to your profile.
      And then clicking (Streams)

    4. SoraTami


      Thanks so so much!

  11. Going to do a smaller stream today starting in about 10 minutes at 5pm central time. Would love to have anyone come hang out. 😏 https://mixer.com/MistaFolgahs

  12. Just finished my first ever stream of over two hours of Red Dead Redemption 2! It was super fun and I would love to have more join my streams anytime. I will definitely post my next stream on here next time. https://mixer.com/MistaFolgahs

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  13. Streaming very first legit stream very soon at 7pm central time. Starting the new Red Dead. https://mixer.com/MistaFolgahs

  14. New to this site. It looks spiffy! Can't wait to see what's in store.