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  1. And we are live with Paperboy 2!  https://t.co/eTy8HD5HHf #retrogames #retrogaming #snes #snesgaming #paperboy2

    Paperboy 2 Front.jpg

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  2. Grab your rubber bands and jump on your bike, we're throwing papers in about 30 minutes!  Join us as we play Paperboy 2!  https://youtu.be/A3G6Ft-qiWQ #retrogames #retrogaming #snes #snesgaming #paperboy2

    Paperboy 2 Front.jpg

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  3. Were you ever a paperboy/girl? I was, for many years and am in fact sad that my kids don't' have the opportunity.  Find out whether I'm still any good tonight as we play Paperboy 2! at 9PM CST.  https://youtu.be/A3G6Ft-qiWQ #retrogames #retrogaming #snes #snesgaming #paperboy

    Paperboy 2 Front.jpg

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  4. SNES_Is_Life

    Stream Platform

    I'm fairly new, but I noticed that when I go to post media such as a pre-recorded or finished YouTube video there is support for the 'embed code' to use, but to post a stream the only 3 options are Twitch, Smashcast and Mixer. Any thought or reason that YouTube isn't included in that grouping? It would be nice to get the streams posted here as well, not just the videos of when we're finished.
  5. SNES_Is_Life

    SNES is Life

    Hi everyone, Been on the site for about a month now, but finally getting around to try and see how everything else works. I'm Joe, and my co-host is my son Joey. Yes, he's a Jr. Our interests are extremely varied, and while neither of us are huge video game people we do play them quite a bit. My sons have always wanted a YouTube channel and I've hosted podcasts and things in the past so I figured since I had most of the equipment anyway we could give it a try. My terms though were that we were going to play video games that I wanted to play, and so we fell back to my childhood both for my familiarity and because its hilarious watching my boys cringe at what I once called top of the line. We live in the Midwest of America where even though it's mid April it snowed last night, because the Midwest is terrible like that. We heard about CGN through someone who randomly dropped into our stream while we were playing one night and suggested we pop over and join the community here, so we did. In the end this is all a highly tactical ruse to spend quality time with my son before he turns 18 in a year and a half and leaves. Don't tell him that though.
  6. SNES_Is_Life

    U.N. Squadron Play 1

    Our first play of U.N. Squadron for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released Sept. 9th, 1991.
  7. And we're live! Good luck to us competing with GoT! LOL   https://youtu.be/1LOEPJO8dAc #retrogames #retrogaming #snes #snesgaming #ultraman #classicgames

  8. About 40 minutes until we take on the big bads with Ultraman!  https://youtu.be/1LOEPJO8dAc #retrogames #retrogaming #snes #snesgaming #ultraman #classicgames

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  9. Tonight we're both back for the whole show to play Ultraman: Toward the Future!  Come give it a watch at 9PM CST.  https://youtu.be/1LOEPJO8dAc #retrogames #retrogaming #snes #snesgaming #ultraman #classicgames

    Ultraman into the Future Front.jpg

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      fantastic work snes! ! 

  10. Hey everyone, we are live. Come join us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNAvtHqiEz8

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      don't see many people stream to youtube these days! keep the dream alive! 

  11. Random gaming! Joey is playing Blackthorne, come check it out.  https://youtu.be/3tbjjaZcXBk

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  12. I'll be absent this evening, but Joey will be doing something tonight!  perhaps today, on the 27th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, he'll do a longer play of that, but you'll just have to show up and see.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJDNi-Zit1EVmokuzsReI4g?view_as=subscriber

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  13. SNES_Is_Life


    Our play and review of Populous, released for Super Nintendo Sept. 30, 1991 in NA Region.
  14. And we are live! Come watch Joey and I battle it out in a fierce battle of the baseball. Yeah, that sounds sporty, right?  https://youtu.be/uE9vn67fPxs #snes #snesgaming #retrogames #retrogaming

    Super Bases Loaded Front.jpg

  15. Only about 40 minutes and we'll be live playing Super bases Loaded, come join in watching us be terrible at sports ball!  https://youtu.be/uE9vn67fPxs #snes #retrogames #retrogaming