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  1. Rough Schedule of the Week!

    Tuesday: 3:00 - 9 ish CST - Fortnite, PUBG or Prison Architect

    Wednesday: 3 PM - 9 ish CST - Borderlands 2

    Thursday: 3 PM - 9ish CST - MW2

    Friday: No stream, camping.

  2. https://www.twitch.tv/snaikerdragon22

    Playing Sonic and All Stars Racing! Come on in!

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  3. Schedule for the week!

    Today: Possible stream of WW2 or Halo 5, Unknown Time 

    Wednesday: Undecided, send suggestions!, Most likely 6-9

    Thursday: End of classes for Summer!  Many games, 12-whenever

    Friday: Morning stream of Sonic Racing: Transformed, Whenever I wake up - whenever I go camping

    Saturday: Party for friends, most likely super late night stream

    Sunday: DOOM is a huge possibility, Whenever I wake up - whenever I am exhausted


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  4. Starting Starbound! Never played it, so let's die a bunch!


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  5. https://www.twitch.tv/snaikerdragon22

    Playing Fortnite w/ Friends!

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  6. Hey, can we talk in dms? I'm interested in something with you

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  7. I'm near to my final decision of deleting all of my hard work. I have gotten no viewers for ages now, and it's too much... Convince me or I'm done for good....

  8. I guess I'll be lonely again, but here....


  9. We are back! let's ROCK!

    , SnaikerDragon22 945c6f2d328dcbe3dc278df07d8a6af8
    1. SnaikerDragon22


      Ok, bit of a delay, I have to do some work BTS, so stream will be a bit later now


  10. Today, I'm gonna stream some Guitar hero and Start my blind playthrough of the Dead Space series, come drop a follow and enable notifications if you don't want to miss it!


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    1. SnaikerDragon22


      Also, thanks to @zheck for helping me out, getting me back into streaming.

    2. zheck


      Glad to help where I can :) 

  11. https://www.twitch.tv/snaikerdragon22

    Let's get some awesome games rolling! come join me!

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  12. https://www.twitch.tv/snaikerdragon22

    First time on my switch in a while, let's play some games!

  13. Welcome to CGN! :D

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