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  1. Hi all I'm back! Wrote a post about DrDisRespect Winning Streamer of the Year and what we can learn from him as streamers! So if you are looking for tips to make your stream stand out, you can check it out here!

    Blog Post

    Thanks and Happy Friday! :)

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  2. Hope everyone is having a stellar Saturday night! I posted a PUBG post on my blog! You can check it out here!

    Game on! 


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  3. Happy Sunday all! If you missed it, I posted an article on upcoming FPS games to be released in 2017! Come check it out ?http://www.slipperysnips.com/pcgames2017/

  4. #Topfanstuesday has been released on Twitter! If you would like to read a little more on why these people are awesome click here!

    Any blog feedback is appreciated and comments are very appreciated!! :) 

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  5. When you leave for a few days and come back to 331 notifications!! :'D

    Looks like I have a lot of statuses from my fellow gamers to catch up on! What's everyone streaming tonight? :)

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  6. Hi all! If I don't have you followed or we aren't connected on twitter, please feel free to follow and dm me to say hi and we can talk games!

    Did you know that each week I pick 3 fans to be featured in #topfanTuesday? This could be you, just ask how! :thumbsup:

    Have a great rest of day! Hungry? Have a cookie! :cookie:

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  7. Thanks for the follow Skip! :D:D

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  8. Hi all! You know what day it is? #SlipperySaturdays! If anyone here is a horror game fan, I just posted a new blog post! It's about 2017 horror games to look out for (not yet released)! Check it out, any feedback/comments appreciated :)

    Have a great rest of the day! 

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    1. PatrixRaider


      I didnt know Allison Raod was back on track. IM hyped. You have just made my day :D

  9. Thanks for the follow Sami!! :)

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  10. Hi 8010az! Happy Saturday! Thanks for the follow :)

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    1. 8010az


      You're welcome. Happy Saturday!

  11. Hi Blanke, just wanted to say thank you for the follow :)

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  12. Thanks for the follow General :)

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  13. I'm sure all of you have heard this huge PC gaming news but in case you hadn't here it isO:) Thoughts?

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  14. Thanks for the follow Hellavator :D

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  15. Hi Derp! Thank you for the follow! :)

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