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  1. Life Story My Stream name is skilledwill but all my friends me call me will.i am 31 years old and I stream part time on twitch and work a full-time 2nd shift job outside of streaming. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have been in the snowy state most of my life…..ugh snow I need to MOVE! 😕 Early Gaming I've been gaming since I could stand on two feet lol but seriously I started gaming when I was very young age.I was shown how to play video games by my mother that was an avid gamer and card player and she showed me how to play on an Atari 2600 centipede was the first game I ever played and the rest was history. Gaming Life In my teens I spent a lot of hours in multiple shooter games but the two I officially started competing in and doing MLG battles were: Socom Halo 3 I really enjoyed my time going to local venues and a couple of other states it wasn't anything major but I did win in a couple tournaments and events. I got a real taste for competitive gaming and have been playing that style of games ever since. Playing games is a great stress relief for myself and a great source of entertainment for me to unwind from work and everyday life. I really enjoy playing strong story and lore based games that are engaging and have really great Gameplay. Outside Hobbies When I'm not streaming or at work I have multiple different hobbies that keep my mind busy and in constant enjoyment.I love building things and creating as much as I can, such as: Model Gundams PC Building Painting Drawing Graphic Artistry
  2. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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      Welcome welcome @skilledwillTV
      Hope you have a good time on CGN! I like your channel icon! 
      I see ya also on twitch how awesome me too! 
      if you need anything just ask! 

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