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  1. Wow! I have been gone awhile! So quick update, my baby was born a week ago! (HECK YEAH!) and I've got a new and improved stream schedule that works for us! Check it out! twitch.tv/sjcomp   ... I hope to be more active here now that the baby isnt so scary to deal with :D

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    2. zheck


      Welcome back, and congratulations! :D

    3. SJComp


      Thanks! The site looks all spiffy and new! I liiiiiikkke it :D

    4. AngryKatte


      Congratulations on your new arrival! I hope he/she and mom are doing well :)

  2. Doing some GTA for a bit starting now! Hope you all have awesome streams today!

    1. Brotherzingaming


      You too SJComp... Have fun!

  3. Stay safe on this hot weekend!

  4. June 14th, 2015. That's the date I decided to become a streamer on Twitch. I thought it would be just a hobby. Something to get me over my newly diagnosed Anxiety and Depression. A few followers later, it became more than a hobby. It became the thing I want to do, not just for myself but for others. I enjoy making people laugh and I enjoy helping others with whatever they may need help with. Whether it's just a bad day or a depression filled lifestyle, I decided to dedicate streaming for just that. NOW. The problem is: Being a dedicated (or full time) streamer takes more effort than most may think. "You're just playing video games. How hard can it be?" - the internet. Well, I'm here to tell you that, with a wife, a job and a new baby on the way (AH!) that it is the most difficult thing I've ever done. Trying to find a balance, as a 29 year old, between family and your "profession" is hard enough. Add Live Streaming to the equation and it is total madness. To be fair, my wife streams alongside with me whenever she can (Pregnancy is hard, I hear) so we do enjoy that together. But sticking to a set schedule and trying to keep the internet happy can cause some tension. I am a variety streamer. So right then and there already stacks the odds against me. In my one year of streaming we have garnered 2,100 followers. Seems okay, but would sky rocket if I had stuck to one specific game. Here is the problem I see with that: I'm a gamer. We're all gamers right? I play the new releases, I play the classics. I have a blast experiencing what E3 has to offer and going through some nostalgia. The rest of the Twitch community on the other hand, doesn't do well with variety. They want THEIR game. You play Super Mario Maker and you'll see them appear, you play Minecraft and you'll get some new faces, THEN you play DOOM or Rocket League and WHAMO....Ghost town. While I'm not complaining because I've met some of the coolest people ever online. I'm just saying it's a long hard road. To anyone out there looking to be full time because you think you'll make tons of money and get tons of followers instantly, please just accept the reality that it takes WORK. It wont take just a day, it wont take just a year. It'll take however long it will take. Some of you, may get lucky and get that following super quick, but the majority will be right where I am. And that's okay, because at the end of the day, remember, you're playing video games baby! Kick back and relax!
  5. Just checking out the community before the stream tonight!

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    2. SJComp


      That's what I've heard! Thanks for the Welcome! I am excited to take part!

    3. Nxtrogen


      Welcome my friend! :)

    4. kp0llux


      Beer's in the fridge, pizza's in the oven; make yourself comfortable :D

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