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  1. Hello any of you guys have a little puppy or kitten videos here is one from youtube
  2. Thanks for the follow mate! :)

  3. I stream on twitch I will add you to my auto host if you add me
  4. Good Evening and Welcome To The Post 1st Website If you click my twitter Icon you can check my pinned post for a website that gives you coins that you can redeem A Random Steam CD-key with or money or games. You can get a game every five days maybe a little more or less I'm not that active on it. Rewards aren't like they say for prices it set as ten Euros but it's fast I got so far those games ''Random Steam CD-KEY" Normailt and Gunspell: Steam Edition and Interstellar Logistics Inc and Story Of the Survivor Almost all of them got trading cards One minute to fifteen minutes first or last minute you get a coin sometimes it's one sometimes two or even five. They got a pop up that you can click that goes up to six to sixteen coins. First game takes 24hs than it's instant you can get one hundred coins or more if you review them reply takes up to 24hs You will receive a code to get coins and you get a code when you start that gives you one hundred coins. You can get up to five hundred coins I made one hundred and fifty coins in less than a day their cap is five hundred videos a week. But you can make more coins from pop-ups and CS: GO stream twenty to fifty to even hundred Only three times a day. You can trade coins for steam give cards CS: GO and even more..... 2nd Website https://www.keymailer.co/g You can request game keys there I think but not sure heard that you can get keys the more subs/followers you got 3rd Website https://giveaway.su/ On that one, you need to join some steam groups and do some follows all linked one click away I got From it Slipstream 5000 and Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game there is other games but some of them want you to buy a 95% discount game or I couldn't use it because it's blocked for me 4th Website https://gamehag.com/r/423408 You get daily points called Soul Gems SG for short you get five each day twenty for seven days streak. Ways to get Soul Gems signing up to a game finishing a task like get to chapter two or reach level 10. Writing on the forum get you experience when you level up you get an amount of soul gems. Writing an Article about a game or a thing can vary between one to one thousand soul gems. Thanks for Stopping by
  5. @__SirSKULL Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated! :D

  6. sirskullegend

    Need help

    there subed to your channel
  7. Teacher, I don't understand this!?! "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you"- Confucius sounds creepy
  8. Wooow I never Know there were free games like that
  9. Hi everyone I don't like to play those games. It's awesome to watch a guy trying to kill another person with a pan lol. after looking everywhere for a gun and at the end, he got killed but it was a fun run.
  10. I saw a streamer. Who is new watched him for days. Thought he was really big but made it same like nothing. I got to him but in a wrong way. still, a long way ahead. It just every time I stream it feels like I'm counting my mistakes and doubting myself. I told that guy I will stream he was my first follower but little did he know about streaming. I found a lot of people that stream and each person has a point of view but at the end, it's up to you to do what you want to do.
  11. xbox sucks they keep buying my games make your own games No Hate Just Rage
  12. looks awesome not a fan of PvP but they way the game layout and the story makes me want to buy it
  13. Why is your name crossed out
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