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  1. Alright. We are all set to continue the grind on CGN and Twitch. Hit me up if you wish to collab. I need more people to game with and I wanna help others grow. 


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  2. Just a female wanting to game and share her love with other nuggets. If yah want, join the Nugget Alliance today!
  3. Really thinking of dual streaming to Beam. I'm unsure though. Mostly because it may help expand the Nugget Alliance but at the same time, I've been low key snubbed by someone I used to support a whole lot and it sucks and I wish to meet new people.

    But positive vibes only. We got this and we will push forward from our minor set backs. 

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    1. zheck


      Beam is a great platform, don't get me wrong

      But if your audience is one place, it's best to stay there.


      Were actually talking about this on CGN Podcast today

      So if you'd like to join in on the Chat. We start at 3:00 PM EST 




  4. Be sure to drop that vote for me, nuggets!!


    , zheck 486399a6526ea84b85a34605e3d24bf5

    Voting for Gamer Of The Week is Intense!

    Be sure to vote today for your Favorite and share the link!

    @KTC @BoomboxB @SilverKinigget @Irvin2K #CGN 




    cgn vote.jpg

  5. So we're 9 away from 350 on Twitch. My goal this year is to hit 500 on Twitch.

    100 members in my discord.

    5 subs by the end of this year. 

    Is that too large of a goal? Am I being too ambitious? Just gotta keep grinding is all. Les go!!!


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    1. zheck


      You can do it :D

      Just keep up the hard work

    2. SilverKinigget


      Thank you. I'm trying. 


    This weekend is the 1 Year Streamiversary. This Friday, I'm gonna try and play some games with you nuggets and have a good time. I wouldn't be where I am without you and for that, I am more than just grateful. 


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    1. ultimawrath


      Funny, my Streamiversary is exactly 2 weeks later. I'll make sure that get a chance to join your stream then xD

  7. SilverKinigget

    Lvl 1 of CGN

    Will keep in mind. Thank you
  8. SilverKinigget

    Lvl 1 of CGN

  9. SilverKinigget

    Lvl 1 of CGN

    What up?! I'm Silver. The full name is a Monty Python reference so if you got that, we're practically best friends now. I'm from the US of A up in Little State aka Rhode Island. I'm 20 and half way through getting my degree in IT up in Boston. Streaming on Twitch as a variety streamer for a year now and it's been quite the journey. I play WiiU, Xbone and PS4. Overwatch Smash The Division GTA V Halo Just Cause and many more. I hope to get along with many as getting along with everyone isn't always possible. I'm down to game and I'm also down to shout you out whether it be on here or on twitter. Just send that DM. Wanna click cause you also love comics and anime and cartoons and basically nerd stuff, send a DM. Let's talk. Gonna be at a convention I'm also going to? Let's meet up and talk. Wanna talk about networking and building each other cause you got a super awesome mega amazing idea? Hit me up. In the meantime, happy to be here and happy growing. Les go!!!
  10. Slowly updating this profile. Please bear with me. 

    The About Me is officially done. Meant every word I wrote there. 


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  11. Time to just engage myself. It isn't foreign to me as I did with one person. From being in their stream, sending my viewers there only to not have it back, raids. 

    Im ready to find true friends who are fellow content creators. I'm ready to support and receive. Play games and multi stream. Help events and do events together.  

    Les go!!! B)


  12. There's a first time for everything and I'm very new here. I'm terrible at networking and I hope to be better at it soon. Maybe I'll make new friends here. Les goo!! B)


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    1. zheck


      Hope you enjoy it here :) 

    2. ultimawrath


      Networking is actually very easy. Just engage xD

    3. Nxtrogen


      Hey! Welcome to the fam!

  13. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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