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Silus Wyvern

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  1. it's that stream time again! with more warframe MurderRanger fun! http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern


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  2. It's time to play some WARFRAME on PC! Come join me and talk nerdy things as I do everything the WRONG way http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

  3. good morning, it's that SMASH BROS time again! I"m terrible but I have fun anyway, come join me in the madness http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  4. Am Stream time with SuperSmashBrosUltimate. Come join me in the madness http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  5. First stream of the year! Let's SMASH!! https://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  6. Starting my SmashBros Ultimate stream early! i'm terrible but come hangout and have some fun anyway. Will play with viewers as well if requested :Dhttp://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern


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  7. Happy Friday!!! It's Smash BROS time! come join me in some Smash fun as I try not to suck hardcore at this game. Viewers welcome to join in! https://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  8. it's that diablo III on the nintendo switch time again! Come chill and join me as I Play though with my Necromancer. https://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern


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  9. going live with some Diablo III on nintendo switch! Come chill &/or join me in the slaughter https://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  10. After work stream time with some Diablo III on Nintendo Switch! Feel free to join me in some co-op murder sprees or just chill https://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  11. Going Live with some Star-Link on Nintendo Switch! Come hangout and talk games/anime things with me while I try not to die to much https://twitch.tv/siilus_wyvern  

  12. It's a day off so we're going to chill stream some STAR LINK :)  http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern 

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  13. My Internet is no longer BORKED!! WOOT! so i'm going live with some STAR LINK on Nintendo SWITCH! come chill and discuss nerdy gamer things with me http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern

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  14. Launch Day Stream of @StarlinkGame on #NintendoSwitch!!! Come hangout and talk Nerdy stuff with me http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern 

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  15. Wake up call!!! It's that stream time with some #XenobladeChronicles2 Torna expansion. Come chill and talk nerdy things with silus http://twitch.tv/silus_wyvern