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  1. I managed to get in some recording time before I had to go in for work today. #feelingaccomplished

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  2. Both of these I have done. lol


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  3. Thank you to Aaron Mesquita & Couple Up for recommending this game. Don't think I'll be eating spaghetti anytime soon after this. lol Very few can resist the temptation of a warm plate of Spaghet... nor can you. You settle down, ready to sink your hands into that stringy goodness, but there's a problem: That's not your Spaghet. This isn't even your house, and the current residents don't appreciate having their food slapped around.
  4. Many props and love to the working class who still get their youtubing on. It's challenging to juggle, YT, Work and Home Life all at the same time. But do the best ya can in all aspects in your life and you'll see amazing results. <3

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  5. Sleep should be optional.
    I feel like I could accomplish more in my day if it wasn't required. -_-

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  6. Every time there's a Steam sale. Lol


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  7. Hello everyone! I just recently came across this site via Twitter and thought I'd check it out. I'm finding that there are quite a few people I know here already. lol Be sure to check out my my YouTube Channel, Twitter and Instagram. Links are all set up. ^w^

  8. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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