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  1. Jesus its been a while! Finally feeling better and ready to get back to streaming xD

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  2. Many thanks for the follow! (Sorry for the late message).

  3. How sweet is Valkyrie's Gyro Cam Charm !!!

    Desktop 12-3-2017 3-08-33 PM-995.png

  4. Hey I noticed you do not have any pages connected, have you visited the "Streams" area to add a stream or youtube if you have one? Please make sure to complete that so people know where to find you! Also, there is an "introductions" section that is very helpful in finding new CGN friends! I will see you around! #GameOn

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  5. Congratulations to @BlueSuedeHaze for the Gamer of the week award! You thoroughly deserve it! 

    Having only been here for a few weeks I feel privileged being a nominee and for the people who voted on my behalf thank you! I look forward to getting to know you all better and meeting more new people! 

    Thank You

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    1. BlueSuedeHaze


      Thanks so much! <3 #GameOn

  6. Streaming is hard, one thing I've learned is to just keep going! 0 viewers....just keep going, it will come! Persistent and focus pays off 🙌

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  7. Christmas tree is up now!! Starting to feel festive! Why do all Christmas trees smell the same? Haha 


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  8. ShotScot

    Better Late Than Never

    Hey mate, yeh thanks ill be sure to catch your stream ! thanks
  9. The weekend is upon us!! Although I'm doing overtime 😩 To put the tree up and get festive or not? 

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  10. ShotScot

    Better Late Than Never

    Thank you
  11. ShotScot

    Better Late Than Never

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the welcome
  12. Thanks for the follow :) 

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    1. ShotScot


      No problem buddy :)

  13. Good stream tonight! I gained one follower so im a happy lad! See you all tomorrow :) 

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  14. Ranked wins starting to come in!! 


  15. , CGN eb687d4a8237f22998b06c23185cd559

    Giving away a Copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
    All you have to do is Re-share and LIKE the post here on CGN!! 
    Winner will be announced Saturday our Twitch and Mixer Streams!!



    elder scrolls screenshot.jpg