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  1. Doritos I love you and I just wanted you to know what you do to me while I'm streaming on Mixer So what's your Favorite Doritos flavor?
  2. NO death run #Outward Pt 3..  Followed by Nostalgia Trip MMO

  3. Sweaty Outward..  No Death Run Pt 1.

  4. Syn-clan Slaying lessons in Dauntless and Website/Community announcements.


    Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.


  5. Daunted by your beautiful face... Not by monsters.
    Anyone else getting in on this Dauntless Cross-play?


    Add me on Epic @ Shixx  (also a Creator Tag if you buy the Timely arrival Bundle Hint, Hint... Best deal atm)


  6. Checking out some Dauntless Cross-play today.. and maybe some Maplestory 2 Tonight or Tomorrow!



  7. Kingdom Hearts EVERY Monday until January 29th!  Come check it out and follow our progress!  https://mixer.com/Shixx



  8. Shixxin around and drinking coffee on this fine Wednesday!


  9. Live again https://mixer.com/shixx With some they are billions. It's my Mixerversary!

    1. CJDragone


      check me out boss live as well


  10. I noticed my Stream was very choppy during Tuesdays stream, So I did some tests last night and this morning. 

    Somehow my connection is even worse then it has been and I'm losing almost double the packets, I don't want to put out a bad quality stream just to stream so bear with me as I figure something out, there has to be another ISP around here better then this Comcast shit.

  11. And We're LIVE with Talk about it Tuesday! https://mixer.com/shixx

  12. We're LIVE!  sorry about the delay I had to fight off 1000 Assassin's

  13. Yoo I'm back from Vacation and I'll be going LIVE later this evening. Just trying to catch up a little before I do.



    1. Shixx


      lol.  Technical Difficulties..  I wont be able to stream tonight after all.  I'll figure something out by tomorrow for MMO Monday.


  14. The Truth Thursday W/ Destiny 2 and Black Desert https://mixer.com/shixx

  15. Talk about it Tuesday-Game releases-TV/Anime https://mixer.com/shixx

    Come join our Web- Show Podcast!

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