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  1. Doritos I love you and I just wanted you to know what you do to me while I'm streaming on Mixer So what's your Favorite Doritos flavor?
  2. NO death run #Outward Pt 3..  Followed by Nostalgia Trip MMO

  3. Sweaty Outward..  No Death Run Pt 1.

  4. Syn-clan Slaying lessons in Dauntless and Website/Community announcements.


    Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.


  5. Daunted by your beautiful face... Not by monsters.
    Anyone else getting in on this Dauntless Cross-play?


    Add me on Epic @ Shixx  (also a Creator Tag if you buy the Timely arrival Bundle Hint, Hint... Best deal atm)

  6. Checking out some Dauntless Cross-play today.. and maybe some Maplestory 2 Tonight or Tomorrow!


  7. Kingdom Hearts EVERY Monday until January 29th!  Come check it out and follow our progress!


  8. Shixxin around and drinking coffee on this fine Wednesday!

  9. Live again With some they are billions. It's my Mixerversary!

    1. CJDragone


      check me out boss live as well


  10. I noticed my Stream was very choppy during Tuesdays stream, So I did some tests last night and this morning. 

    Somehow my connection is even worse then it has been and I'm losing almost double the packets, I don't want to put out a bad quality stream just to stream so bear with me as I figure something out, there has to be another ISP around here better then this Comcast shit.

  11. And We're LIVE with Talk about it Tuesday!

  12. We're LIVE!  sorry about the delay I had to fight off 1000 Assassin's

  13. Yoo I'm back from Vacation and I'll be going LIVE later this evening. Just trying to catch up a little before I do.


    1. Shixx


      lol.  Technical Difficulties..  I wont be able to stream tonight after all.  I'll figure something out by tomorrow for MMO Monday.


  14. The Truth Thursday W/ Destiny 2 and Black Desert

  15. Talk about it Tuesday-Game releases-TV/Anime

    Come join our Web- Show Podcast!

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