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  1. What did we get ourselves into... Dark Souls III #gitgud #CGN twitch.tv/shivant

    Image result for dark souls gif meme

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  2. Delving into the #Darkestdungeon once again! Its been a while since we lost ourselves in the madness. come stop by at twitch.tv/shivant


    Giveaways done when we reach our sub and follower goals!


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  3. Been a long week but its gonna be a longer week for our minions in #DungeonsIII twitch.tv/shivant 

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  4. Working on getting our Storm to that masterwork level! Now just bring yourselves on by and we can become legendary! twitch.tv/shivant 


  5. Ever been chased by an undead horde? Well I am the undead horde! More #indie games at twitch.tv/shivant 


    We also got games to giveaway when we reach sub and follower goals! FINALLY!


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  6. Do it people!

    , CGN 297b7a81835ca52e81e96ba007fa1b38

    Who Wants a FREE Game?!
    Simply Re-share and Reply below to Enter!
    Will announce the winner at 10:00 PM EST!


    free game.png

  7. Fresh off of a wonderful vacation! Time for some games! Playing some #UndeadHorde and #Anthem http://twitch.tv/shivant


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  8. Going live with #twitchsings and some #anthem later on. Recording our streamstar contest entry today for submission. Wish us luck!


    Hope these neighbors dogs stop barking soon!


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  9. Its finals week lets blow off some steam in #Anthem! Can finally play Grandmaster 1 level so lets give it a whirl! #CGN twitch.tv/shivant 

    Blow off steam.gif

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  10. Going live with some twitchsings. Narrowing down our song choices for the #streamstar competition but man does the competition look tough! twitch.tv/shivant


    After a bit of twitchsings we will move on to some Anthem


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  11. Work be damned! Time for more #Anthem. Grinding out the last 9 levels. Feel free to join its an open party twitch.tv/shivant 


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  12. Going live with a quick stream to test out twitchsings if we get a good song recorded we may submit it for their competition.

    tenor (1).gif

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  13. Diving into #Anthem over at twitch.tv/shivant Open party for followers. Come on by and hang out!


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  14. What is your quest?
    To #Slaythespire
    What is your favorite color?
    Red like the blood of my enemies!
    What is the air speed velocity of a sparrow?
    uh... find out at twitch.tv/shivant 

    What is your quest.gif

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  15. So I announced this on stream last night, but we are re branding ourselves away from "The Scrub Club" to "Quest Academy". Quest Academy still has the same mission as before just a new name and logo!


    Any of you fine people in the #CGNFam go through a rebrand or recently get a brand you wanna show off? REPLY AND SHOW IT OFF!

    Quest Academy Logo (1).png