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  1. Hey all, 

    Sorry for the lack of communicaiton. Just started second semester of grad school and am working on creating a new consistant schedule after figuring out when my work loads will be largest. Ill keep you updated on that. Hoping to get a final version of it by next Saturday (26th). 

    With that, We ARE LIVE twitch.tv/shivant playing some #pathofexile working our way to level 100! Feel free to join in on the fun.... If you dare.


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  2. Hey All, 


    Just wanted to give you a heads up you may be seeing a bit less of me in the coming days. Just started the 2nd semester of my grad program and am in the process of evaluating and redesigning our schedule. Ill let you know when we got it all ready and official. Will still be doing streams here and there announced prior to going live.


    Talk to you awesome folks later!

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  3. , RizeUpGaming b92f343dda10a7490f8cb26b48781a53

    Early Morning PUBG with the Dane > !qotd in chat https://www.twitch.tv/rizeupgaming

  4. I think its official #pathofexile we are addicted. Gonna be exploring more of the end game content over at http://twitch.tv/shivant  Atlas, Delving, Animal Sacrifice... whats not to like?!

    6 hours of gaming.gif

  5. Is it colder now or is it just me?! Chopped off 50%+ of our hair. Before pic below, come check out the after at twitch.tv/shivant. 

    Playing #pathofexile trying to figure out the economy and atlas map.  #Haircut 


    #notthebestpic lol

    Hiar cut omg.jpg

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  6. Going live at twitch.tv/shivant Today we are playing more #pathofexile. Finally unlocked the Atlas map! Lets keep the Journey to 100 alive!


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  7. , RizeUpGaming f8210883bd89a1b184bd763c91dc942a

    Beat Saber and more maybe Every sub you pick song and 5 dollars in tips  > !qotd in chat 


  8. , RizeUpGaming 12eb196a6bb54ca7d6682d9893d052fe

    Now Supporting more @cgndotus  and @kapsuli Chapter 2 of ReV being the worst Samurai King ever > !Qotd in chat remember #BlameHunterWild 


  9. Hey all, 

    I was checking out the store just now and saw some pretty awesome deals on some games I loved. I have them already otherwise I would have bought some but just a few gems I saw:

    Hallow Knight $9.99 50% off

    Monster Hunter World $35.99

    No Man Sky (i know theres drama there but they devs have turned it around) $28.99 50+% off

    Dead by daylight $12.99

    Rocket League $8.99


    If youve been wanting to try any of these games out they're cheaper here than steam atm and I can guarantee they are fun!

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    1. zheck


      Always trying my best to keep the deals good :)
      Thanks for noticing, and feel free to use the (Refer to Earn) button as well
      Automatically generates a Referral link for you.

    2. Shivant


      ooooh Ill check out that feature, still figuring out my way around all this functionality.


      Thanks for the Tip Zheck

  10. Make sure to check him out guys, awesome streamer!

    , RizeUpGaming bdcf4ab69886cfc98e7d6acc37cb61fa

    Rev is king Samurai  > !qotd in chat twitch.tv/rizeupgaming  Nioh and rage should mix well-  Use #BlameHunterWild on twitter 


  11. Shivant

    Lord Bitrus's Introduction!

    Cant wait to check out your stream man. Heard the new Smash game is awesome!
  12. Going live with some #pathofexile! Gonna finish this tonight folk! Act 9 begins


    giphy (2).gif

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  13. Shivant

    Hi I'm Shivant

    So I've been told, hope its true.
  14. Shivant

    Hi I'm Shivant

    Im ready, got my butt kicked first semester but I've got my footing this time lol.
  15. Shivant

    Hi I'm Shivant

    Just to add a bit more personal stuff to the introduction: I went to school for Vocal Performance and am currently working to get a Masters in Arts Management. I am very excited about some of the classes I am taking as Ill be getting to learn more about design, animation, software, and other cool skills I can use both in my career and my streams. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music but my favorites are (in no particular order); Classical, Jazz, Rock, Alternative and Electronic. Youll often catch me humming or singing to myself without me even realize I am doing it. Typically I have a lot of energy and would describe myself as an extrovert but due to some health issues I am working on I've struggled with both my energy and social media/ Real life interactions.