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  1. Saturday is here!! Which means it is time for fullllll Yeeeet Saturdays on #gtav
    First thing of the night we are going to help anyone who needs help delivering business goods. Got a full bunker? Full business? Need a full squad to help deliver it? My community has your back!

     Send a message to Xbox GT: ScatterBrainz18 and we will get you in. After that, we are switching over to some fun games mode to make even more money!! Come to Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz and lets have some fun!!

  2. The challenge has been made!!

    Superman aka @GotPudgevs Thor aka @ScatterBrainzin a fullllll Yeeet contest on GTAV!!

    Come on over to Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz to get in on the fun or see who the winner is tonight!

    DC VS Marvel who is better?!

    I love both...but what is everyone's favorite?! Also let me know your favorite comic book character is!

    Let me know tonight on either here or come to the channel and discuss!



    We are live over at Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz

    We are running the last wish raid tonight with the Squad!! Come on in and support @GotPudgeand I as we push through one of my favorite raids in Destiny 2!!

    I hope everyone on CGN has an amazing Stream!! 

    Keep on trucking I love you all!

  4. HERE WE GO!! It is Yeeet it Saturdays with @GotPudge

    Come on  over to http://Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz to join in the fun!!! Also, it is double money and RP for Business delivery's

    Let us know if you need help delivering business goods and we will help!!

    It is going to be a crazy night!! 

    banner twitch.jpg

  5. Happy 4th of July!!!!! 

    Come on in to Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz to celebrate freedom by fighting the good ole Galactic Civil war!!!

    Lets win some Galactic Freedom!!! (Or Crush it) on Battlefront 2!!!

    we are 2 away from 400 followers!! 2 AWAY!!!!

    I know  we can hit 400 tonight! 😄



  6. It is that time again! Time to get the FULLEST of Yeets!! 

    Come join @GotPudgeand I on Grand Theft Auto V as we try out some new fun game modes to play with the community!!

    Join us to make some easy money and RP!!

    I am telling you...easy 100-200k some times 400k a night!! Best part about this is, ANYONE can join.

    Does not matter level, guns nothing. We just want to have fun with you!





  7. Welcome back CGN!! Nice work @zheckand the CGN team!! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into the site


    That being said it is time to go LIVE!!

    We are live over at Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz to watch @GotPudgeand I sweat out for in ApexLegends!!

    Season 2 is here!

    Lets become Champions.

    Starting Soon.jpg

  8. Wooohoo! CGN is back and online! How I  missed you all!!

  9. 12 hour stream with @GotPudge playing Destiny 2??

    Yea that was a blast yesterday and it feels good to be back on Destiny 2!!

    WE are back at it again for weekly reset!!




    banner twitch.jpg

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I hope you had a good sttrreeeam! 

  10. *Streaming with the Sunlight on....*

    Apparently that is a thing now!!


    Coming back to the good ole grind of Destiny 2 with my good friend @GotPudge



    Come drop your boi a hot follow as we close in on that 350 follow mark!!



  11. Hey everyone! Over at http://Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz we do Open lobbies for anyone willing to have some fun and try to become champions for the new season of Apex Legends! Here is a small preview of how we do! We also like to enjoy ourselves in the process because having fun is the #1 rule in my channel! Anyone is allowed to join and it does not matter skill level. We all have to start somewhere. I just want to meet new people and grow together! Come on in and leave my channel a follow and I will greatly appreciate your face!
  12. Happy Fathers day!!!

    As a fellow dad myself, the SBZ nation appreciates all the hard work fathers do out there! This stream is for you!

    We are live over at http://Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz for some GTA V open lobby shinigans with @GotPudge


    At the moment, we are just blowing ourselves up but if you wish to join in to make some money, just ask!!






  13. Welcome to CGN!!!! I hope you have a good time here and good luck on the stream! Gonna have to check it out some time!

    1. AverageGamer4Life


      Thank you I am extremely new here so IDK where to start.

    2. ScatterBrainz


      Just connect your stream and start streaming!! 

      Follow people, connect with streamers and just have fun! Have any questions, let me know I will do my best to help you out :D.

      The CGN people are wonderful.

    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      ❤️ Brainz has it me boi!! haha 

  14. Here we go ladies and gentlemen!!
    WE are live!!!
    Tonight is gonna be a good one as we host an open lobby with Twitch streamer KDelgadoGG!!

    Come make some money (business help), kill your friends, show off your awesome cars WHATEVER you want to do in #gtav

    Come over to Mixer.com/ScatterBrainz  and get invited!!


    Starting Soon.jpg

  15. WE ARE LIVE!!!! 

    Time to play some Late night legends with the try hard squad!

    Had some fun with Fallout 76!! I hope you can join us for the 2nd half of the stream



    Closing in on that 350 follower mark!! Lets smash that goal and move on to the next one!

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