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  1. Welp I'm new!

    Thanks man^^
  2. Welp I'm new!

    Hey there's nothing wrong with buying costumes I do it once in a while^^ Nice to meet you
  3. scarletcosplay

    Hey ya'll! Tonight at 8pm EAST I will be streaming live on my Channel for some Creative Stream! I'll be working on my Secret costume for Katsucon!
  4. Welp I'm new!

    Hi there My name's Julie. I'm a french Canadian cosplayer from Montreal. I started to cosplay back in 2012, when I still had no idea what the hell I was doing. For the past years I've learned so much through cosplay; I had no knowledge of sewing at all, no clue where to start to create armor or props! I'm sure I was in the same situation as many of you guyz. Living in my small world watching animes and reading mangas, playing video games and drawing, participating in LARP games, working in my part-time job to pay for my expenses and school without knowing the existence of cosplay and conventions. But then, a friend introduced me to this magical world that I fell in love with. My world changed then. Young, I had always wanted to become a magical girl like Sailor moon or CardCaptor Sakura. But with time, my preferences changed radically. I was now into badass strong woman. I've guessed that it's probably why a friend suggested that I start cosplaying with Erza Scarlet from the Anime/Manga Fairy tail. I had never heard of that series yet and I got curious. I started watching it for a few days and it was already clear that Erza would forever be my only Waifu. That's how I got myself into armor and props crafting. If you don't know, Erza is known for her MANY armors. One of my dream is to make all of her armors and expose them on mannequins in a special room in my future house. In my heart, armor and props has always been my favorite part about crafting. I still enjoy sewing but on a totally different level. I started streaming in October 2016 and honestly I'm in LOVE with it! I don't stream that much tho considering I have a full time job. I stream 3 times a week, 2 Gaming streams (Tuesdays and Sundays) and one Creative Stream (Thursday). I always stream one game at a time so I can finish the games more quickly and I normally like to stream older games I used to stream Overwatch but now I'm back on Final Fantasy 6. I will be streaming many Tomb Raider games, many Zelda games, more Final Fantasy, etc. I have a long list of waiting games haha! If you are interested in maybe cheking my account out I have all the infos on my profile I am looking forward to meet all of you and I love to get to know new faces^^ LET'S BE FRIENDS!
  5. Hey darlings! I am new to CGN and I'm really hyped to be starting using this website^^ I think it will be great to help me grow as a Streamer :) I'm excited to meet all of you so give me your informations so I can follow you! <3 I'll be looking forward to talk with many new faces :D You can find me on many social medias like linked in my profile!

  6. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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