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  1. Lets continue our run through Gears 5 as we test out lightstream so come on by and hangout https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  2. Lets stream some Gears Of War 5 on a nice day off from work https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  3. Back on to this grind with some more AC: Black Flag before heading on to work today so come on by and enjoy the pirates life https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  4. Might be feeling like crap still but lets game anyway as we continue our pirates with some more AC: Black Flag https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  5. Game comp might be down but that aint going to stop us come and join as we play some AC: Black Flag on the ps4 https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  6. Jumping onto some world of warships this morning before work after not playing for a long time some come on by and watch the newbness https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  7. Back on to that 2000 follower grind as we jump onto undergroundrp new server for GTAV RP and maybe son rainbow six siege newbness https://mixer.com/roshugaming

    1. Legit_Dinosaur



  8. Lets get back onto that grind for 2000 followers with some more GTAV RP and some DnD talk come on and join https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  9. We are back at it again with some more #GTAVRP on underground rp so come on by and hangout as we stream a bit before work https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  10. Lets head back in to the life of Jimmy Johnson with a long stream of some more GTAV RP so come one by and hangout https://mixer.com/roshugaming

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Hope you had a good mix time! 

  11. Jumping back on to some more GTAV RP for a bit today https://mixer.com/roshugaming

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Been told good things about GTA RP! 
      Hope it goes well! 

    2. roshuGaming


      it is a lot of fun 

    3. Legit_Dinosaur
  12. Giving GTAV RP another go as we jump onto the FDDOJ server for the first time


    Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I hope you had a good time mixing pal! 

  13. roshuGaming


    Hey everyone Roshu here I am a U.S. Navy veteran who enjoys playing video games and having fun. I will be doing all kinds of gaming livestreams, and I plan on trying to stream about 5 days a week depending on work schedule. I will be posting stream times at least a week ahead for each week again depends all on my work schedule, unfortunately. All I can say is sit back relax and join the Roshuarmy today.
  14. Starting out with some Minecraft bedrock edition on our trial realm and then maybe some AC: Black flag later come on by and join us https://mixer.com/roshugaming

  15. Heading back into that thing called Minecraft a bit this morning before work see you all there https://mixer.com/roshugaming

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