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  1. Hey Gamer Nerds - Doing my first stream for 2020 and its a Game Showcase for a new game coming out soon called Warlander. Come check it out tonight at 6:30PM PST. twitch.tv/roguecmdr


    Watch as I wreak a path of vengeance in a procedural generated dark fantasy world, with a unique take on stamina-based combat. Battle in arenas with interactive environment, where every run will be one of a kind. Experience a variety of abilities and power-ups, along with permadeath. Slice, Die, Repeat.



    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Heyooo commadar not spoken in awhile 
      hope all is going well for you buddy! 

  2. LIVE NOW with some heavy metal, explosion packed, robot carnage action. MECHWARRIOR 5 Mercenaries!! 


    Andromeda Lance - Form up on me!



    #CGN #UAGFam #twitchprime  #twitchgaming #twitch #GGARMY  #TeamNFG 
    @UnitedAlliance5 @MW5Mercs 

  3. L I V E NOW - MUSTER UP with some heavy metal, explosion packed, robot carnage action. MECHWARRIOR 5 Mercencaries!! 

    Andromeda Lance - Form up on me!



    Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.



    #CGN #UAGFam #twitchprime  #twitchgaming #twitch #GGARMY  #TeamNFG 

    @UnitedAlliance5 @MW5Mercs 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Wishing you all the best bud! 

  4. Two big announcements for my stream to make. I have been accepted to join an amazing Esports Team - United Alliance Gaming . I am honored and appreciative of the opportunity and will be showing my Content and hopefully my skills with this Amazing Team.  I will make any announcements in the next weeks of any of the esports I may be participating, looking at right now APEX and TFT, maybe Overwatch. 

    The second is I also been accepted to Nerd Force Gaming stream team as well. They arent esports but a very great supportive community of streamers. 

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      That is awesome dudee! HAPPY FOR YOU! 

    2. Jakyna



  5. TOMORROW TUNE IN at 6:30PM MST / 5:30PM PST

    StarWars Jedi:Fallen Order | Goal 1k Followers / 15 Subs |  
    CMDR of the Streamship Andromeda
    “grinding for K9”

    #CGN #twitchprime #twitchlive #twitchgaming #twitch #GGARMY #K9ontop #TeamNFG #varietystreamer


    I am officially a member of @NerdForceGaming


    Thank you, it is a honor. More big things in store to come I hope!

    #GGARMY #CGN #K9onTop #twitch

  7. L I V E NOW!

    StarWars Jedi:Fallen Order | Goal 1k Followers / 15 Subs |  
    CMDR of the Streamship Andromeda


    #CGN #twitchprime #twitchlive #twitchgaming #twitch #GGARMY #HorizonRising 

    1. Jakyna


      Hope you reach your goal!!


    Going L I V E in 10-15 minutes with a 12 hour stream of  @OuterWorlds
     Finally! Not a extra life stream today. The site wont work and other plans I had for it never happened. But I am planning a Nov Charity Stream soon. http://Twitch.tv/roguecmdr
    #CGN #Twitch #twitchprime #twitchlive


  9. I cant wait for this week to end so I can get back to Streaming after work. 

    I am sorry Crew! Its been a long work week with 2 of those days requiring me to go to bed early to be at work by 4am.. to come home around 2PM exhausted... This weekend.. FULL Day streams. Sat and Sun


    Also if I finally hit 750 This weekend, will be doing the promised giveaway celebration. Currently at 710.  its been an amazing 5 months.. From just over 200 to hopefully over 1k by end of the year. I enjoy and love my community, you guys have been awesome. Thank you and I want to do more and I have more coming. Come Exciting stuff after the start of the New Year!


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Glad things are going well buddy!! 
      You can do it! Twitch life best life!! 

  10. Calling the CGN Fleet - I need some follow help for a friend and a New CGN Member on her stream. Can we get this amazing person some Twitch followers. She is 1 away from affliate, she is great streamer and woman. Can we get here some CGN support tonight before she goes offline. 

    Lets show her how this community is 


    1. ComfyStreamsTV


      Thank you sooo much!!!

  11. I was at slighty over 500 followers on twitch this morning.. NOW 17 AWAY from 600. Will do a giveaways at 600> Currently playing some Stellaris after playing 4 hours of @everspace_game 1. 

    Come watch and have fun Twitch.tv/roguecmdr

    #CGn #Twitch #twitchprime #twitchgaming

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Well done my dude! Moving on up in the world! I hope youre hype bro!! 

  12. Twitch.tv/roguecmdr 

  13. Going #Twitchlive in 30 Mins with some @ghostrecon
    Breakpoint. Was suppose to be @everspace_game 2 but going to have to wait sadly for that. Tonight will be some #StarCitizen PTU 3.7 Play

    All aboard the Andromeda twitch.tv/roguecmdr

    #CGN #Twitchprime #twitchgaming @twitch

  14. GOING LIVE in 17 Minutes (5:30PST) with some More #Borderlands3 Action by 

    Come join/watch/cheer on as I rack up some Bad Ass Boss Kills and more



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