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  1. Watching the Adventures of Tom Snortles on RizeUpGaming!!!



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  2. The king is alive!

    , RizeUpGaming da30b1bcc65065b683b744815f9451b4

    So lets check out Valnir Rock for @Indieboost_io  and then some Nioh with the kiddo 


  3. Diablo 2!!! I loved that game!

    , RizeUpGaming 0f31b33c28e25aa3f64bdc6c597d726f

     Lets kick depression in the stomach  >  !CGN  for kickstarter info https://www.twitch.tv/rizeupgaming

  4. Hail to the King!

    , RizeUpGaming 9419a6151c05b1144eb5a289299f8610

    Start of competitive ReV season > !ace !qotd in chat  


  5. Hail to the king!

    , RizeUpGaming 1b39cad63df4dc512e633b19e4face06

    The Cajun and the Dane - The untold Disney Princess movie !ace in chat 


  6. The king is at it again... Well then!

    , RizeUpGaming a2cb75daa86d13978aaebcf169f000ff

     Colorblind idiot and a Dane tries to get some chicken > !qotd waiting for Blackout https://www.twitch.tv/rizeupgaming

  7. King is Live and still trying to raise money for family members!!! Come say hi and spread the word! <3

    , RizeUpGaming 47fe1fc4dd8709a641ddeebfc7cd584e

    Now Supporting more @cgndotus  and @kapsuli Chapter 2 of ReV being the worst Samurai King ever > !Qotd in chat remember #BlameHunterWild 


  8. Sean is Live with more Dragon Age Inquisition! 


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  9. Reminder that this man is fundraising for family members! One needs to get to Germany to go say goodbye to her father since she was not able to do so for her mom, then his son needs an in-body insulin pump for his diabetes! Doesn't need to be huge amounts, anything helps!

    , RizeUpGaming 2f134fec12e45c92c73ada1fc236f5ff

    Rev is king Samurai  > !qotd in chat twitch.tv/rizeupgaming  Nioh and rage should mix well-  Use #BlameHunterWild on twitter 


  10. The King is at it again!

    , RizeUpGaming cf41c6c13b70f3dc5cc1922d4be0867c

    A Day that ends with why?  > !qotd in chat https://www.twitch.tv/rizeupgaming

  11. Go show some love to the King, ReVenants!

    , RizeUpGaming 2b35a2b75028299b70060d75fd863a59

    Convo Sonic League and fun lets go ladies - Today is the first day of your life > !qotd in chat 


  12. Sean's (Neitherwing) Schedule on the Channel (CST):

    Weds-friday 6:30pm till 10:30pm.

    Sunday and Monday will be 6:30pm till 10:30pm!

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  13. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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