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  1. Super stoked! I signed up for BioWare's Anthem closed alpha and found out yesterday that I gained access!

    I can't stream myself playing it or share any images, sounds, etc.; but I will be providing commentary as I play it on my Twitter account (http://twitter.com/ResonantDrifter) and I will write up a synopsis of it when finished.

    The fun starts tomorrow morning!



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    1. ResonantDrifter


      As it turned out we had to sign an NDA and not talk about it which was for the better since it was a small snippet of the game for server stress testing and not a reliable test of the game itself. Hopefully I get into the Beta coming up and then I can give a good review of the game and stream it as well. The game comes out in February (barring any setbacks) so we'll hopefully find out soon.

  2. We are coming close to the end of Battletech! It's actually a sad thing, but opens us up to play another game. I do want to get back to Battletech at a later point after we purchased the Season Pass and downloaded mods we deem necessary. We will play the career mode (because the new Flashpoint expansion adds branching side missions, new mechs, etc.) and try to play it kind of more strict leadership role.

    I have a list of games I do want to play, but haven't decided what to play next... another strategy title or an rpg?

    + 12/3 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/4 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/5 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/6 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/7 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/8 @ TBD - FALLOUT 76

  3. This week's schedule:
    + 11/26 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/27 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/28 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/29 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/30 @ 7pm - FALLOUT 76
    + 12/1 @ TBD - FALLOUT 76

    Enjoying Battletech a ton, obviously. The more I come up with ideas to make the game better, the more I find mods that solve that issue and I want to try them so much, but I want to make it through my first playthrough before that happens. And they just released their first expansion - Flashpoint. Gotta love it!

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  4. We will get back into our original schedule for this week. Thursday is Thanksgiving in America which I'll be celebrating by eating a ton of food earlier in the day but should be recovered by the night. Friday and Saturday I should be playing Fallout 76. Saturday I'll try get on earlier, but I'm not sure what time as of now.

    + 11/19 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/20 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/21 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/22 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/23 @ 7pm - FALLOUT 76
    + 11/24 @ TBD - FALLOUT 76

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  5. I've been slow playing Battletech to get a feel for the game and to really dive into all the aspects of it and so far I'm really enjoying the game.

    As of tonight I'm 89 hours and 56 minutes into the game and I'm only about half way through the game. Of course, I've been doing a lot of side missions to help build up my mercenaries in terms of mech size, quality of weapons, skills and so on. These side missions do get repetitive in nature as they are basically the same handful of objectives (escort, rescue, destroy, etc.) repeated (something they are addressing with DLC with branching side mission storylines), but the current missions do provide variety in terms of beautiful and sometimes haunting landscapes, enemy types and difficulty. The strategy and battles are what this game is about and it has provided that quite well up 'til this point. I'm not a huge fan of the pre-mission briefings (difficulty) as it can vary wildly. One 1.5 skull (think star rating out of five) mission had me fighting two light mechs. Another 1.5 skull mission had me fighting a mix of five medium/light mechs and three tanks. It can vary that wildly, though not that often. 

    The story is fairly engaging or as engaging as it needs to be I suppose. I'd probably be just as fine playing sandbox. There are some small aspects of the game that I don't like such as not being able to walk around your mech to melee attack when already up close (even though you can walk around and shoot in the back at the same distance) and being able to get up from being knocked down and still walk and attack in the same move, but there are mods to fix these issues. Speaking of mods, I'm stoked how many great mods they have for this game https://www.nexusmods.com/battletech/mods/?BH=2 I am playing vanilla right now, but once I start my next playthrough I see a large group of mods that I want to give a go and should add more to the wonderful experience I am currently having.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my 2 cents. Anyone else play this game and love or hate it? Do you have favorite mods that I should try on my next playthrough?

    1. zheck


      I've seen you play it a lot, but I've personally never played it.
      I think I should give it a try though considering the amount of time I've seen you spend on it!
      Looks like it would be a fun game, and the way you talk about the modding community.

    2. ResonantDrifter


      @zheck Sorry for the late response, but if you like turn based strategy games I would highly suggest it. It hits on all the needs and is a very full game. Harebrained Schemes hasn't done me wrong yet. They created the first three modern Shadowrun games (Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong) and are adding significant amounts of content with the DLC. The mods are a definite plus as well :)

  6. Schedule for this coming week will be split between continuing our adventures in Battletech and the release of Fallout 76. We may get a better rotation next week; it all depends on how FO76 plays in "regular time". We had played the B.E.T.A. and enjoyed our time, but plan on slowing down the pace a bit during regular release to take in the scenery and follow the clues more.

    + 11/11 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH (tonight!)
    + 11/12 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/13 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 11/14 @ 7pm - FALLOUT 76
    + 11/15 @ 7pm - FALLOUT 76
    + 11/16 @ 7pm - FALLOUT 76

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  7. We've been a part of the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. all week and we'll be finishing it off today at 1-8pm central Come by to chat about the game or just lurk and take a look at what this online Fallout game is all about! I've been largely enjoying my time with this game and plan on playing it a ton after release on November 14th.


    Thoughts so far:
    + Before playing I was skeptical because I thought they may be changing too many core elements of the game, but after playing I honestly feel like those thoughts were unsubstantiated. It essentially feels like Fallout 4 with friends.
    + The lack of human NPCs isn't as strange as it sounds. It feels like you've walked out of the vault into a desolate landscape after humanity's demise from war. You see and interact with their remnants. It feels more striking and real and lonely to me than running across all these towns of survivors rebuilding (even though that's how Fallout has always been). It's a different story told through the land in a different area. Besides, it makes it cooler to run across another human who is also an online player on occasion.
    + The main story isn't any more or less involving than the previous games as of yet. You just get it presented to you through holotapes instead of an NPC in front of you. You go to an area to unlock another portion. More to come on this.
    + It's super cool to roam the wastelands with your friends. I can't tell you how nice it is to have competent companions with you on missions and how much fun you can have.

    +/- I haven't gotten in PVP yet so I can't comment on that. I haven't tried and I haven't been attacked.

    - There are some errors with creatures glitching underground or stuck in poses and not attacking/being able to be hurt. But what Bethesda game doesn't have these glitches and it's BETA so...
    - There might have to be some balancing with weight/hunger & thirst/AP usage, but most of this you get bonuses through leveling up so it may be a non issue.
    - Some UI things such as the same cluttered inventory, having to go through multiple menus to get to one thing, etc.


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  8. Wights & tights - Live on Twitch with Witcher 3 Blood & Wine as we hunt Vampires and an upgrade to this kitten armor



  9. Live on Twitch playing the modern throwback shooter ION MAIDEN by voidpoint & 3DRealms using the Build Engine thanks to GOG 



  10. Live on Twitch playing co-op A Way Out with @Fatsack51 as we escape from prison and find ourselves in each other's eyes...



  11. Live on Twitch continuing our playthrough of Witcher 3 Blood & Wine as we track down this bloody vampire...



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  12. LIVE on Twitch with Surviving Mars as we plan our expansion deeper onto the Red Planet to answer questions about our visions...



  13. Live on Twitch continuing Surviving Mars as we try to right the ship... can we save our colony?



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  14. LIVE on Twitch with the Hearts of Stone dlc for Witcher 3 - granting von Everec's impossible last wish!



  15. LIVE on Twitch continuing the Hearts of Stone DLC for Witcher 3 pushing the main story and looking for love