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  1. , CGN fec5493cb2d285c75b702bee3693cef9

    Giving Away a Copy of Anthem!
    Simply Re-share and Reply to the post below!
    Will announce the winner on Sunday Night!


  2. , CGN 03cb1a14f7333f83d7c75f61b6a34074

    Re-share this Post to Win a Copy of Resident Evil 2 Remake!
    We will announce the winner Sunday!

    resident evil 2 remake.jpg

  3. , DRayTV de8c72b645ad35f9b3cb3af0a7406207


  4. This Wednesday 1/30 starting at 7pm central I will be hosting our friendly Starcraft 2 tournament and providing (hopefully) top notch commentary! Five of us from the community will be playing, just hanging out and having fun so if you want to do the same please stop by Twitch.tv/ResonantDrifter

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  6. Me: I like this game and am doing really well so far
    Wasteland 2: Hold my beer...

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  7. I finished StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty last week and finally picked a game to play this week and that game is Wasteland 2 by inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment, both who were recently bought out by Microsoft. Coincidence?

    This has been in my inventory for a while so what better time then now to play it! Wasteland 3 is set to release sometime this year so we better get a heads up on it! Looking at HLtB (https://howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=11099)... we will be playing this one a while.

    See you tonight!
    + 1/20 @ 7pm: Wasteland 2
    + 1/21 @ 7pm: Wasteland 2
    + 1/22 @ 7pm: Wasteland 2 +
    1/23 @ 7pm: Wasteland 2
    + 1/24 @ 7pm: Wasteland 2
    + 1/25 @ 7pm: Wasteland 2

    2019-01-20 13_38_57-Window.png

  8. I plan on hosting a friendly StarCraft 2 tournament and I'm looking to get people together so I'm sending the word across my social media. So far I've gotten a handful of viewers who are up to the challenge, and I know there will be a handful more once they read the message. Hoping to get a healthy number so we can create a bracket/brackets and have a good run at something cool. + I'm just trying to get an estimate of who would be interested in having some good, friendly fun. + Did I say good, friendly fun? Yes, no plans on an award unless we want to all agree on something. It's for fun. + I don't have a time yet. This will be based off of everyone's availability as best I can. + All levels welcome. More to come in following posts. Let me know if you're interested!
  9. ResonantDrifter

    Phoenix Point

    Man, the more I see about Phoenix Point, the more I fall in love with it! If you are unfamiliar, it's a tactical strategy game from the creator of the original X-COM games and while it looks similar to the new games by Firaxis, it's so much more! Here's a quick video of early gameplay footage to give you an idea of the small (and some bigger things) they have in store for us all! https://phoenixpoint.info/ Does anyone else have this on their wishlist?!
  10. Created a new club right here at CGN for all of us who like strategy games. If you're a fan of anything new or old, tactical strategy to strategy role-playing games join up (open to all) hop in and post about what you just played, a game you remember or what you're looking forward to!

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  11. Thanks for the follow!!!! B)

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    1. ResonantDrifter


      No problem! The stream looks awesome from audio to lighting to gameplay and audience interaction. Keep up the great work!

    2. madzell


      Thanks!!! I try my best at having a good stream for people to enjoy. B)

  12. I played the original StarCraft back when it first came out, but I honestly don't remember a lot of it. I remember the general story beats and combat, but little else. I was too much into Command & Conquer at the time apparently because I remember more of Tiberian Sun, Tiberium Wars and the like. 

    That's why going back to play the StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty campaign was such a joy - I was entering into a piece of my history that I feel I overlooked but I would have enjoyed, and boy did I ever! I instantly saw why this game has such a huge following and why so many still play it today. Great characters, wonderful story and superb gameplay all combine into one amazing package. It was a bit of a change going from mostly turn-based strategy games to real-time strategy, but the game does a great job walking you through pretty much all you need to know. Overall, it was a great time!

    Definitely plan on getting the other campaigns and perhaps jumping into some multiplayer in the future!

    Oh, Blizzard, why you so good?!

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  13. ResonantDrifter

    What is the first game you ever remember playing?

    Oh lordy... I remember my brother had a ColecoVision and Atari 2600 so they were my first consoles. I don't remember the first, but they included games like Adventure, Zaxxon, Pitfall, Combat, etc.
  14. Super stoked! I signed up for BioWare's Anthem closed alpha and found out yesterday that I gained access!

    I can't stream myself playing it or share any images, sounds, etc.; but I will be providing commentary as I play it on my Twitter account (http://twitter.com/ResonantDrifter) and I will write up a synopsis of it when finished.

    The fun starts tomorrow morning!



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    1. ResonantDrifter


      As it turned out we had to sign an NDA and not talk about it which was for the better since it was a small snippet of the game for server stress testing and not a reliable test of the game itself. Hopefully I get into the Beta coming up and then I can give a good review of the game and stream it as well. The game comes out in February (barring any setbacks) so we'll hopefully find out soon.

  15. We are coming close to the end of Battletech! It's actually a sad thing, but opens us up to play another game. I do want to get back to Battletech at a later point after we purchased the Season Pass and downloaded mods we deem necessary. We will play the career mode (because the new Flashpoint expansion adds branching side missions, new mechs, etc.) and try to play it kind of more strict leadership role.

    I have a list of games I do want to play, but haven't decided what to play next... another strategy title or an rpg?

    + 12/3 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/4 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/5 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/6 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/7 @ 7pm - BATTLETECH
    + 12/8 @ TBD - FALLOUT 76