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  1. Horde we are LIVE right MEOW over on Mixer we are playing World War Z and getting our Zombie Smash On!! 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Beautiful, simply beautiful 

  2. First stream of 2019 Happening right meow over on #Mixer  Happy New Year #RahHorde we will be playing @DeadByBHVR then we will be doing some Zombie Vikings!!! 



  3. Coffee, Screams & Skinny Dipping Murders over on https://mixer.com/ReAnimateHer come join in the fun!!

    Camp Crystal Lake awaits you meow!

  4. Time to get our ESO on! Stop by for laughs and fun Elder Scrolls Time https://mixer.com/ReAnimateHer

  5. Morning Stream, Coffee & Giveaways  with a little bit of brutalized murder in Friday the 13th https://mixer.com/ReAnimateHer

  6. Taking back the land in State of Decay! Stop by for the Zombie smashing!. https://mixer.com/ReAnimateHer 

  7. We are getting HYPED tonight for some State of Decay 2! join me and my friends for some good ole Zombie smashing. Bring your best zombie squashing boots and get er done. https://mixer.com/ReAnimateHer We are LIVE right meow

  8. Happy Friday Darlings!! Tonight we will meet up with Jason Voorhees and see why he has so many mommy issues. We will be starting at 7:00 p.m. mnt time over on https://mixer.com/ReAnimateHer

  9. Undead Fam we have set up our tents and ready to get the fires started! Come hang out by the warm fire and beautiful lake.  Smores are going to done pretty soon.



  10. Undead Fam we will headed off for some camping fun in 30 minutes at Crystal Lake please join in the fun. We will have marshmallows and wieners. We will be making smores as well.



  11. Today we are going to HYPE it up getting ready for State of Decay 2 we will be playing State of Decay! Get ready for those Zombies!!


  12. New website up and running. Looking for some critiquing and constructive criticism I am still adding images and logos as we speak but right meow this is where I am at.


  13. We are LIVE with Friday the 13th then off to Hunting Monsters in Monster Hunter World!




  14. Looking for someone who can do Logo's ?



  15. Today we will be doing some Killing Floor 2  at 11:00 a.m. then we will go into Mortal Kombat X around 1:00pm mountain time.




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