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  1. Made a simple guide allowing streamers to give their chatbots custom names! Check it out :D


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      ah I use to use that but hated having to keep it up on my pc now just use the streamlabs cloud bot 

  2. Made this awesome stinger for a streamer!


    Had so much fun working with him and bringing his vision to life!




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  3. Congrats on the affiliate! You deserved it! I never actually thought of naming my own, might have to think now lol.
  4. Twitch has allowed more sub emotes for Affiliates on Tier 1! 


    Do you have emotes ready? Would you like to get new ones made? Hit me up and I'll get them done very very quickly! Be it lettering, or logo/symbol/pic based :)





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  5. HeyO Peeps! Those of you that don't know I make panels/overlays/emotes and sub badges! It's something I've always loved to do and now I'm so psyched that I am making some money out of it! So if any of you beautiful people need any logos/overlays/panels/intros/outros or scenes (including some animation) HIT ME UP! I would really appreciate it! ?

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  6. Hey everyone! I'm on Twitch and trying to get affiliated, but I'm not gonna spam my link and stuff. Just want to open a dialogue on what you did when you started and how it grew. 

    On a related note, I am still doing YT vids and such, with this tutorial on turning your phone into a streamdeck being the latest! 


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  7. I'm back! Had a lot of trouble staying online because my ISP was literally useless. Got a new ISP with fibrenet and I am finally getting back into the swing of things.


    Unfortunately, my PSU decided to die at the same time so just need to get that replaced before I can jump back into gaming, but taking this time to get back into the groove!

    1. zheck


      Welcome back

  8. I was interviewed by an indie developer - Somber Dawn for their podcast! Give it a listen if you guys have time!


    Had a blast!

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  9. Thanks for the Follow!

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  10. Had a blast playing this indie game!


  11. Thanks for the follow!

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  12. Did a video of 5 Discord Networks that YouTubers should join! (CGN is one of them!)

  13. Thanks for the follow!

  14. YouTube Partner Program changes have been getting a lot of attention lately but the majority of creators are reacting to it in the worst possible way.

    I am telling you why the changes aren't as bad as people make it seem.


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